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Cycling for libraries Belgium 10–13 September 2017

From the country that supplies the world with beer, chocolate, waffles and surrealism: we bring you a four-day local tour in the East of Belgium. It’s Belgian to the core: co-created by librarians and library lovers from all three of the country’s official language communities. Communities that know each other very little and have separate media, culture and library policies. It will be an adventure in the best Cycling for Libraries tradition: an international bicycle unconference and library advocacy tour, crossing language borders and connecting different countries. We strive to bring together librarians from the Dutch, French and German speaking parts of Belgium, so they can get to know each other and share experiences with international colleagues. We are inspired by our country motto: ‘Unity makes strength’. We believe this to be true on many levels. Hence our motto for this tour: ‘United we bike’. Hop on your bikes and join us on this quadrilingual tour, celebrating language learning and mutual understanding! Registration for the full tour is now open. Single day participation following soon.

David McDonald: How to search reams of text effectively


My name is David McDonald and I am the Nova Scotia Legislative Librarian, which means I deal a lot with politicians and the law. I have a mandate to ensure that all Nova Scotia government publications, both print and electronic, are freely available to all both now and in the future. As such I am constantly looking for new and innovative ways to provide electronic information to the public. I am a huge advocate of freely available information. I am also very interested in digitizing our existing print government and legislative materials so that they are easily accessible and searchable.
I need to find an inexpensive way to convert unstructured debates from the House into easily searchable text. Debates for one year are often thousands of pages long and they are very difficult to search using the Google appliance. So if any one has any ideas on how to search reams of similar text effectively, I’m all ears. I am an avid cyclist and have cycled all around the world. I haven’t made it to Australia yet, but I will.

Hannah Lee: Volunteers in the library


My name is Hannah Lee and I am a library technician from Alberta, Canada. I work in a small public library that’s serves a population of around 7, 500 people. My job consists of many different aspects; from helping with circulation duties, reference questions and computer help to administrative duties, my days can hardly be considered dull. This will be my first cycle for libraries, and though I wanted to train hard and help prove that Canadians aren’t always the slowest, my training slowed down over the summer, so I am quite nervous (but exited!!) to cycle with all you energetic library lovers.  What id like to discuss is volunteers working in the library and how they can  be properly utilized without over stepping boundaries such as over powering staff roles and responsibilities.

Sonia D. Kirkaldy Nielsen: Librarian’s skills needed


I’m Sonia D. Kirkaldy Nielsen and I live in a comunity just outside of Roskilde in Denmark. I work in the library at TV2 and I have been biking with  Cy4Lib three times previously. I look forward to meeting new and old participants. When I am not working at TV2 I do volunteer work and of cause spend time with my husband and 5 year old daugther. I am very active in “Cycling without age” where I am coordinator of Roskilde. In “Cycling without age” volunteers cycle with older people in Rickshaws. (http://cyclingwithoutage.org/I would like to talk to you about our librarian’s skills in relation to organizing volunteers and structuring our database in “Cycling without age”. How do we use our skills and how we do make our knowledge visible for people who do not work within the library world? – How can we “sell” our skills to others?

Ināra Kindzule: New technologies in libraries


My name is Ināra Kindzule. I’m from Ogre, Latvia. I work as a chief librarian in the Data and Knowledge Management Department of the Bibliography Institute of the National Library of Latvia. In my everyday work I’m dealing with indexation of incoming publications, creation of subject records and subject control of national importance databases and union catalogue. Basically I work with books and journals on music, dance, theatre, films, sports and scores. I’m interested in new technologies in libraries  and continuing education as a library and information professional. This is my fourth C4L. Looking forward to seeing you all in the Nordic countries!:)

Aija Jankava: School libraires


My name is Aija, I’m from Latvia.  I am a school librarian and library teacher in Secondary school library. There’s never been a doubt in my mind that the Library-teaching is a personal art and the most important tools for a successful school library are imagination and inventiveness. I do believe that an effective school library is a library lead by librarian, who has clearly defined his/her role in information literacy process. This is my fourth C4L.

Peace & Love & Cycle

Andrea Oelgarten: Working with digitization and cataloging

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

My name is Andrea Oelgarten and I have studied library science in Berlin. Cycling for Libraries I saw in Berlin in 2011. A friend has often participated and told about it, which made me more curious. For lack of  time and private matters it was not  possible for me to attend earlier. But here I am now. I’m curious about the people who participate on the route and of course to the libraries. Currently I am working in a digitization project and in a cataloging team of SRZ.

Mariël Geens: Speaking up for good library services


My name is Mariël and I work front office in a big branch library of the library network of Antwerp, Belgium. I love helping people with and advising them on multimedia, music, film and language learning (that’s my department), and I’d like to do more. So now I’m training to become a media literacy coach. To conclude this course I’m doing a project to further media literacy amongst colleagues, advise management on learning needs and find co-conspirators to discuss the need for a local communication strategy that is complementary with the city policy. These are my main challenges for the moment. 

My greatest professional concerns are the library policy and education situation in my country, staff well-being, the skills and talents library assistants need to develop to continue to provide the best possible  services to our superdiverse and largely underpriviliged patrons, and what these services need to be. I’m also passionate about sustainability in all its shapes and forms. C4L is a way of killing many birds with one single stone. This is my third time. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and to talking about these and many other work, food, drink, bike and general life related subjects!

I’m experimenting with these media to find the best way to share library photos and ideas:

Urpo Nylander: New libraries and IT


Hi there! My name is Urpo Nylander and I’ve been part of the orange team since 2010. I work at Helsinki City Library as IT-designer and my main project at the moment is the upcoming central library. Waiting so much to see you all!!!

Bo Jacobsen: The library challenge


The evolution of information flow has forced our hands as public libraries and not only us, on a global level. Just as books once advanced from slabs of parchment to paperbacks, they are now transforming again, from paperbacks to pixels. With Plato only a download away libraries have lost their monopoly on knowledge. American library director Darrell Batson expressed it this way: “We’re caught between two worlds, the print collection has fallen 20 percent since 2009. But libraries have to evolve or die. We’re probably the classic example of Darwinism”. 

By the way I´m Bo, Library Director of  the Vesthimmerlands Libraries. And I am very pleased to show you my “home grounds”.

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