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Greeting from the Swedish Library Association

Poetry in motion. That must be cycling on your own on your bike in the midst of a crowd of colleagues. A poetry cycle, when the wheel spins silently to the asphalt. It’s a great idea and I know the ideas will flow along the road.

Best wishes!

Inga Lundén
President, Swedish Library Association

Greetings from Guldborgsund libraries


Libraries are moving in the right direction. The Cycling for libraries un-conference is an nontraditional and inventive way to highlight that fact. To tell the world about the importance of libraries in an unexpected way, and to share ideas about the future of libraries across borders while actually crossing them.

There are many good stories about libraries that need to be shared with people who already use libraries, and with those who don´t use them yet. Sharing ideas among the participants will hopefully lead to new and better practices and to new ideas we can bring to life once the bike is parked in Berlin and we return to our libraries. Personally I think I get some of my best ideas riding my bike to work.

I strongly support this conference and I am looking forward to welcoming the participants when you reach the Danish island of Falster.

Jan Holmquist (@janholmquist)
Biblioteksfaglig chef, Guldborgsund-bibliotekerne

Greetings from KOBV Consortium


Cycling for Libraries – a conference on wheels. What a great, compelling idea. As the Cooperative Library Network Berlin Brandenburg (KOBV) we are proud to host the ending conference of this international library project on June 6th, 2011 in Berlin. We are looking forward to welcoming library lovers from around the world. We are sharing a common interest: to sharpen the profile and services of libraries to make them fit for the future.

Beate Rusch
Vice Director of KOBV Consortium

Greetings from Oulu University student-guild Index



And greetings from Oulu, the cycling capital of Finland! Oulu is a city well-known for the most extensive cycleway network in Finland and as students we know its value. Bicycle is a dear travelling companion for us all year round. Winter cycling in extreme temperatures is what makes you a real student and a resident of Oulu. As well as saving money, we value preserving the nature and getting exercise. What could be better than combining all these things with a great company of library lovers?

Like cycling, also collaboration with people who have the same interests as us, is close to our hearts. Cycling For Libraries is a great example of the fact that professional co-operation and network building does not have to be boring and overly official. Networking by planning and doing things together, having fun and organizing and participating in a large variety of events is also a core part of the activity of Index, the student organization of Information Studies students in the University of Oulu.

Even though we might not be physically present in the event, we certainly will be following your journey. Happy cycling!

If you want to know more about Information Studies in the University of Oulu, go to the website at http://www.oulu.fi/hutk/info/en/index.html

Taru Tanska
Index ry.

Elina Partanen
Vice president
Index ry.

Greeting from the secretary general of the Finnish Library Association

I wish every success for the Cycling For Libraries project. It is a perfect example of the creativity that can be found in libraries. Cycling For Libraries supports the ideology of sustainable development in libraries, it is a concrete and collaborative way to promote libraries and it brings together cycling-minded professionals. This is a real win-win project.

Sinikka Sipilä
Secretary General Finnish Library Association

Greetings from the German Library Association dbv

monika ziller

100 and more cycling international library colleagues are on their way to the 100th German Library Conference—the German Library Association (dbv) is excited about the Cycling For Libraries idea and looks forward to welcome our athletic colleagues in Berlin in June 2011!

Speed, dynamics and motion—such qualities are not only vital to move ahead on a bicycle but are also characteristic for the development of today’s libraries. This shared athletic and fun campaign sends a message against the stale image of libraries, and fits well into the concept of the Jubilee Library Conference. The dbv explicitly supports this international initiative and will encourage our members to participate.

We will experience this journey together and look forward to seeing you come down the home stretch–welcome to Germany, cycling librarians!

Monika Ziller
Chair Executive Committee
German Library Association

Turku managing the cycling project

A new phase in the cycling project began in November when Turku City Library began to manage it. We now have new and energetic members who are taking care of the preparing of the cycling event Copeanhagen-Berlin with us. Turku is the one of the oldest towns in Finland and it shares the title of European cultural capital with Tallinn in Estonia next year. Turku is also a twin city with Rostock, one of our stops in Germany.

The cycling librarians need your support!

CYCLING FOR LIBRARIES is a joint sports event and an unconference. It is also a library marketing venture which will be featured in many ways in the media as well as IRL. We are sure you would love to be part of this exciting project. 
In exchange, you will get plenty of visibility before, during and after the tour.

We offer exposure on the web and visibility IRL in the form of company name and logo inclusion, company presentation, video clips and photos from the tour showing signage and banners, as well as listing in articles and seminars etc.



Benefits of supporting Cycling For Libraries

By supporting the Cycling for Libraries event you will be able to reach out to the European library community. Apart from being a combined sports event and professional library congress, the tour is also an international library marketing venture offering lots of visibility before, during and after the tour itself, both IRL and online.

In 2012, the tour of about 500 kilometres from Vilnius, Lithuania to Tallinn, Estonia – and from there up to Helsinki will be advertised online and at local and national library seminars and conferences in Baltic states.

Companies supporting the Cycling for Libraries tour will get exposure on the Cycling for libraries website as well as social media such as Facebook. The maintenance cars can carry the sponsor banners and signage.  The Finnish Library Channel (Kirjastokaista) documented the first Cycling for libraries tour from Copenhagen to Berlin and the widely shown film can be viewed free of charge at Kirjastokaista website. In 2012, we are focusing more on library related content and, therefore, we will be streaming the presentations and discussions which can easily be participated from anywhere in the world.


The supporters are guaranteed visibility from the spring 2012 to Autust 2012 – and beyond. The end of the tour will coincide with the World Library and Information Congress IFLA 2012 in Helsinki. Therefore, Cycling for libraries will be seen also in Helsinki during the IFLA congress.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Right now, our fundraising target is about 30.000 euros would cover some technical equipment, including satellite Internet access system and navigating equipments for cyclists, and vehicles. These will form approximately 30% of the expenses but they are immensely important to the success of the trip.

 The tour is strictly non-profit, and fundraising starts from scratch.

Apart from monetary sponsorship, support in the form of help in bike rental, supplying the participants with t-shirts or bike repair tool kits etc. would be more than welcome. See some examples on the Assist page.

The Sponsorship Levels Described

  • Single-speed Bike Sponsor – company name and logo inclusion on website, right to use event logos
  • City Bike Sponsor – as before + presentation of company on website (text and photo)
  • Mountain Bike Sponsor – as before + company name and logo inclusion in eventual brochures and printed programme, visibility during the tour in the form of company logo / signage at pitstops
  • Racing Bike Sponsor – as before + visibility during the tour in the form of logo / signage in maintenance car (smaller, size to be determined later)
  • BMX Bike Sponsor – as before + visibility during the tour in the form of logo / signage in maintenance car (bigger, size to be determined later)
  • Hybrid Bike Sponsor – as before + logos/company name in the streaming videos

Sponsorship levels can be tailored individually to fit your wishes for the visibility during the campaign, starting from EUR 300 to EUR 5000 +. For more detailed information, suggestions, ideas and of course, offers for support, please contact the organisers (jukka(at)cyclingforlibraries dot org).

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