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Ella Mustamo: how far we’re ready to go?

For me,  theme library & society is on focus.  As we know, western society is changing incredibly fast and libraries may drop out.  What about library, financialization, poverty and subcultures, the questions of responsibility?  Library as a public space. etc etc. –themes on our Cyc4lib  map.

Libraries has many functions and activities,  some are even dreaming about sauna in a finnish urban central library. For me, The Question is how far we´re ready to go?  What is a necessary condition / sufficient condition of a library?

yours  ella
picture: Turku 2011
Burning  Love-happening <3

Ella Mustamo
Turku City Library

Ann-Christin Karlén: identify 3 ways for cross-sectoral networking

I am a law librarian and as a solo librarian it is very important to network with other colleagues. For the  last 9 years or so I’ve been quite involved with SFIS, The Swedish Association of Information Specialists which has been a great way of networking with colleagues. But my goal is to interact more with colleagues from other libraries, like public libraries, and as my homework for Cycling for libraries, I’ve chosen to try identify 3 ways of reaching this goal. Obviously just participating in cyc4lib will count as a big step towards my goal so I’m not counting that 🙂  Also have recently joined the Swedish Library Association.

In december I attended an interesting session at Online 2010, Helping The Hybrid: Leveraging Personal Networks to Support Changing Roles. Sara Batts, Senior Research Librarian, Reed Smith LLP, UK and Olwen Walker, Information Services Manager, Kirkland & Ellis International, discussed among other things the importance of externa networks and being open to new ideas and  new challenges. I think that cyc4lib encompasses both in a great way.
You can download the paper here.

Please connect with me through linkedin and let’s discuss more ways of networking and breaking donw the barriers between different types of libraries during our ride towards Berlin.

Ann-Christin Karlén
Advokatfirman Vinge KB

Mace Ojala: find 4 game mechanisms at libraries

Mace looking for game-mechanics

As my homework for Cycling for libraries, I’ve chosen to try identify four (4) game-mechanics that operate in the library. I think people are challenge-oriented and reward-driven, and all sorts of games are great tools for thinking about this.

I am strongly inspired by Jane McGonigal’s work, her book Reality is Broken: using games to improve the world – Boing Boing, her presentation at TED Gaming can make a better world, and by the critique she is receiving.

In an earlier conversation on Facebook i have said the following (edited):

I’ve tried to look at the library user regulations as a sort of a game… how we give feedback to users via fines, anxiety etc. I would love to spar this thinking with somebody, i’ve done some comparison on the rhetorics of the user regulations and i think at least many finnish libraries could do a whole lot better!

I’m not sure what i’m talking about but, but i’m spitting this out anyway: are students “gaming the system” when they are borrowing out books for their exams? The sooner they get their books, more likely the books will have reservations and they start running a fee (which they propably want to pay off) before te exam. On the other hand, if they hesitate too long, the books might run out if the libraries they use don’t have enough copies for everybody.

One other thing i’ve notied that library cataloguers delay cataloguing of materials in the hope that somebody else in the library consortia catalogues them first, and then they can just copy them. I’ve witnessed this in especially materials that are “annoying” to catalogue… “The best of Frank Zappa (20 cds, two leaflets, a book, DVD, a popup-book, accesscode to a website plus a poster… you know what i mean). The “damage” from an individual cataloguers point of view is the boss, who nags if library patrons have reservations for the material.

Here are some game mechanics i’ve seen at libraries. What else? I want to look at libraries with a gamer’s mindset?

Mace Ojala
Turku City library, Cycling for libraries etc.

Shadow-event in Kymenlaakso -region on 27th May

Cycling for libraries is going viral 🙂 Below is the announcement for an another event inspired by Cycling for libraries. This one takes place in South-Eastern Finland, in the Kymenlaakso -region. Librarians will have a ride, and a meetup on 27th of May.

The really cool thing is, that they are challenging the library users too! Users who tour three libraries in different municipalities of the area by bicycle between the start of the campaign and the middle of September can get win e-book reader. With this they are campaigning their library consortia Kyyti, and their common digital library Excellent work, i’m sure we will hear from our dear colleagues there. Best wishes!

Here is their invitation:

Hyppää Kyytiin!

Kymenlaakson kirjastot järjestävät yhteistyössä kesän 2011 aikana -verkkopalvelunsa markkinointikampanjan, joka toteutetaan pyöräilykampanjana. Idea pyöräilystä heräsi Cycling for Libraries – kampanjasta, jossa joukko kirjastolaisia polkee Tanskasta Saksaan 28.5.-7.6.2011. -pyöräilykampanja käynnistetään perjantaina 27.5.2011, jolloin vapaaehtoiset kirjastolaiset lähtevät pyöräilemään kirjastoistaan niin Etelä- kuin Pohjois-Kymenlaaksosta. Kouvolan kirjastoväen kohtaamispaikaksi on suunniteltu Myllykosken kirjastoa, josta innokkaimmat jatkavat vielä Susikosken silta -kahvioon (Huruksela), jonne myös Etelä-Kymenlaakson kirjastojen henkilökunta tähtää. Kohtaaminen tapahtuu näin ollen klo 12.00 puolivälissä Kymenlaaksoa. Henkilökunnan pyöräily toimii paitsi osoituksena Kymenlaakson kirjastojen erinomaisen hyvästä ja pitkäkestoisesta yhteistyöstä myös työhyvinvointitoimintana.

Pyöräilykampanja jatkuu asiakkaiden kampanjana, jolloin kaikissa Kymenlaakson kirjastoissa on leimauspisteet pyöräilypasseille. Täyteen leimatun passin palauttanut tai kolmen eri kirjaston leiman kerännyt voi osallistua palkintojen arvontaan. Pyöräilykampanjan pääpalkintona on e-kirjojen lukulaite. Tietoa kampanjasta, ohjeita, karttoja ym. löytyy osoitteesta Samaisessa paikassa voi käydä myös haastamassa kaverin kampanjaan mukaan. pyöräilykampanja-aika on 27.5.-15.9.2011. Arvontavoitot jaetaan Aleksis Kiven ja suomalaisen kirjallisuuden päivänä 10.10.2011

Greetings from Mikko Lahtinen

mikko lahtinen-pienennetty

Public library is a great equaliser, as Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards formulates in his intelligent autobiography Life. In the Nordic countries the public libraries, with schooling system and health and social services, are essential element of social justice, democracy and welfare. So, Cycling for libraries is a strong act for the common welfare and social equality or, on the otherwise, an act against current neoliberalism with its harsh politics of privatisation, capitalisation and destruction of public services.

Cycling library friends of all countries, unite!

Mikko Lahtinen, “Man of Libraries”

Author of Kirjastojen maa [‘Land of Libraries‘], (Vastapaino, 2010, ISBN 978-951-768-315-9)

Greetings from CILIP Cymru!

Kuvankaappaus 2013-1-27 kello 20.48.40

Cyfarchion oddi wrth lyfrgellwyr Cymru – greetings from the librarians of Wales, and good luck to everyone on the Cycling for Libraries ride from Copenhagen to Berlin in June.

I’m President of CILIP Cymru, the association that represents librarians throughout Wales. Wales is a mountainous country and not the ideal terrain for cyclists, but many people do cycle here, including Olympic gold medallist Nicole Cook.

What could be a better match than bicycles and librarians?

When ‘safety bicycles’ arrived in the 1880s they came as liberators: for those who lived in unhealthy cities, and especially for young women. Today bikes still mean freedom for millions of people, young and old – as do libraries. Like libraries they do minimal damage to our planet. And bikes are naturally communal: they like to congregate together, and they positively encourage conversation and friendship. Like libraries they radiate enlightenment and delight.

Good cycling and a happy unconference!

Andrew Green

M. A. Numminen–Fahrradfahren ist notwendig

M.A.Numminen. Photo: Helena Vapaa
M.A. Numminen (Photo: Helena Vapaa)

Happy bicycling everyone, with the legendary Finnish underground artist M. A. Numminen =)

(via Eva Costiander-Huldén from Åbo Akademi University Library at the Cycling for libraries -Facebook event page)

Endorsement from Phil Bradley, Vice President of CILIP

phil bradley

Everyone at Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) wishes every success to the Cycling for Libraries project. It’s a marvelous example of the way in which libraries can positively affect local and national communities while at the same time emphasising the importance of the work of both libraries and librarians. Moreover, it’s a wonderful initiative which combines a sound ecological message and illustrates that knowledge and information is dynamic, on the move and exciting – all key elements of libraries in 2011.

Phil Bradley (@PhilBradley)
Vice President

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