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Cindy van Ryn: I would like to see our libraries becoming more of a community


Hi Friends, my name is Cindy van Ryn. I am an Interior Designer and live in Toronto and joined last years trip with my cousin who is a Librarian. I had such a wonderful trip with the group last year, I had to come back!

Although I am not a librarian, I love libraries and reading. I thoroughly enjoyed touring all the different libraries and soaking in their different architecture and services. To be able to borrow things like tools, toys or art blew me away! It really opened my eyes to how libraries are really trying to become a welcoming environment in Holland and Brussels.

My local library is not as progressive. There aren’t many comfortable chairs, you can’t get a coffee or a snack and you are even discouraged from talking. You go in to grab a book (if you know what book you want) and leave.

I would like to see our libraries becoming more of a community and a place you can go to chill with a book, a lap top, or a friend. A place you choose over Starbucks, with comfortable seats and you can have latte and relax and realize more what a library has to offer, even if by chance. A place you go to visit not just to check out a book, but a place that feels as comfortable as home.

Look forward to meeting, cycling, and visiting libraries with you all!


Anne-Lise Millan-Brun: Il n’y a pas de problèmes, il n’y a que des solutions


Afin que toute la communauté de Cycling for librairies sache bien que cette année, elle a choisi la France pour pédaler, une certaine compréhension de la langue de Molière est vraiment recommandée. Since we are going to ride in France, understanding a few word of French is highly recommended…

Mon nom, my name Anne-Lise Millan-Brun. Je suis seule dans la bibliothèque (très spécialisée) où je travaille, c’est mon principal problème au quotidien. As an isolated librarian, (I work in a very specialized library) I miss sometimes to have a colleague, some professional company.


J’ai hâte de tou(te)s vous rencontrer et pédaler de Montpellier à Lyon en votre compagnie ! I can not wait to be with all of you and cycling together from Montpellier to Lyon !

Bien amicalement, friendly greetings !

Chris Fitzpatrick: http://xkcd.com/927/


Chris Fitzpatrick

How do we as create usable sustainable technology that people actually want/need while ensuring the values/practices of both an inclusive community and functioning meritocracy? I have no idea.



Michel Guégan


My name is Michel Guegan.

I have no problem with Libraries. I have a dedicated librarian at home for my own and private service. Top class ! For the ones who don’t know, I’m the Anne’s follower.


Patrick Fellgiebel


Hi everyone, my name is Patrick Fellgiebel.

I am a carpenter and work in a small company – mainly building furniture and other equipment for pharmacies and shops – in Berlin. The reason why I’m taking part in Cyc4Lib2014 is my girlfriend (a librarian) who told me a lot about the last three tours which made me curious. For me, the trip will be a challenge (cycling, viditing libraries and talking about library themes) but also vacation. I want to get to know new people and just want to have a great time with all of you.

Kristian Ujlaki: Library as a third space and lifelong learning


Hi, my name is Kristian Ujlaki and for 15 years I work at public library in Koprivnica, town in Croatia with about 30.000 inhabitans. I am senior librarian and I work as head of Scientific department.

I am interested in social role of modern libraries in local communities – how can we trully be recognized as third space, „living room“ and „working room“ of some communitiy? Which partners should we looking for, how to find lobbyists and how to create better public image of public libraries. We have experiences in working together with different organizations and associations of people with phisical and mental dissabilities, blind and visualy impaired people, minority groups (Roma people)… These were successful programmes and activities and our library received national and international awards for some of them. But we want to do more – especially for those groups that have problems with social inclusion.

I’m looking forward to meet everyone!


Terttu Mylläri: Cooperation between libraries and adult learning institutions


Hei everyone, I am Terttu Mylläri from Finland, working in Kalliola adult learning centre in Helsinki. I am planning and organizing courses and I cooperate with different organisations.

I have a background of working in librariesn but nowadays I am an enthusiastic library user. I took part in Cycling for Libraries from Copenhagen to Berlin in 2011. This year I will also cycle together with my husband Kimmo.

I would love to visit French libraries and would be interested to discuss cooperation between libraries and adult learning institutions.

Waiting for seeing you all soon!

Best regards,


Maximilien Petit: Bibliothèque, politique et cultures numériques

Hello everyone ! I am Maximilien Petit, a librarian at La Petite Bibliothèque Ronde (a library for children). I want to discuss several topics with you : politics, libraries and digital cultures.

Maximilien PETIT, bibliothécaire jeunesse et responsable multimédia à La Petite Bibliothèque Ronde de Clamart (92).

Quelle que soit la forme d’une bibliothèque, ce qu’elle symbolise est éminemment politique. En France, c’est “l’année des bibliothèques”. Les bibliothécaires hésitent à se mettre “Tous à poil”, ne savent plus s’il s’agit d’ouvrir mieux ou plus les bibliothèques le dimanche et sont tiraillés entre les injonctions de censure et le bon sens concernant les questions culturelles avec lesquelles ils font corps. De quelle manière les bibliothécaires à l’étranger (et cyclistes pour l’occasion) organisent leurs relations avec la politique, les élus ?

L’éducation populaire, en France, arrive à fabriquer “du politique” en partant des expériences quotidiennes qui font sens pour les publics qu’ils espèrent toucher. La démarche de l’éducation populaire, tournée vers la vulgarisation politique et la construction de savoirs utiles, peut-elle inspirer les bibliothécaires (qui travaillent notamment dans les cités) ?

Le numérique en bibliothèque est une antienne que l’on ne présente plus. Néanmoins, est-ce que les cultures numériques peuvent contribuer à insuffler “du politique” en bibliothèque ? Est-ce que les philosophies liées aux cultures numériques telles que le partage des savoirs et des pratiques, la création collaborative, la construction/déconstruction du multimédia peuvent avoir du sens sur le terrain social et culturel en bibliothèque ?

Finalement, quel lien pouvons-nous tisser entre la politique, l’éducation populaire, les cultures numériques et les bibliothèques ?


Paul Costelloe: I would like to see small local libraries thrive


Hi all, my name is Paul Costelloe. I work on European Commission education initiatives, so I primarily come into contact with University libraries.

I would like to see small local libraries thrive, as I have happy memories of mine growing up, so am happy to contribute ideas, although with no guarantee of their usefulness.

Cheers and see you all soon,


Cindy De Smet: How teachers, libraries and publishers cope with new learning environments


Dear cyclists, My name is Cindy De Smet. I’m working at Ghent University College (Belgium), and finalizing a PhD in education at Ghent University. I will cycle this tour with my wife, who already presented herself a few days ago.

In my PhD I’m researching new ways of learning, mixing up the teacher’s role, experimenting with digitized handbooks, but sticking to worksheets on paper. For next year, I received a grant from the Flemish government to continue my research in cooperation with an educational publisher.

I’m interested in how teachers, libraries and publishers cope with new learning environments and shape their role in this challenging new landscape.

You can follow my Twitter account, where I’m tweeting mainly in English and Dutch, and occasionally in French. Some scientific work has been published on Academia.

Kind regards and see you soon,


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