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OCLC is a worldwide library cooperative, owned, governed and sustained by members since 1967. We connect libraries to manage and share the world’s knowledge and to form a community dedicated to the values of librarianship: cooperation, resource sharing and public service.

Our public purpose is a statement of commitment to each other—that we will work together to improve access to the information held in libraries around the globe, and find ways to reduce costs for libraries through collaboration. OCLC members cooperatively produce and maintain WorldCat—the world’s most comprehensive database of library materials and a tribute to collaborative spirit of libraries. Librarians guide and shape our direction through a 16-member Board of Trustees—more than half of whom are librarians—and a global council of librarians, who are elected by regional councils of member libraries.


VVBAD – The Flemish Association of Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres


VVBAD will be sponsoring the evening on the 25th of June 2013 for the Cycling for libraries!



Fietsersbond is a cyclists’ organization that strives for bicycle safety. It represents the interests of cyclists in Flanders and Brussels. Better and safer bike lanes, better bicycle parking near train stations and shopping areas, more 30 km zones in village centres, guidelines for the construction of bike lanes, mobility with a focus on sustainable transport, and tax-free bicycle allowances are only a few of the objectives that the organization has achieved in recent years.

Fietersbond will provide road captains and guidance for the Cycling for libraries from Gooik to Brussels and in Brussels on 25 & 26 June.


Espoo City Libraries

In Espoo city libraries you can develop activities. Test innovation. Become inspired. Experiment. Come up with ideas together. Fail. Talk things through. Help one another. In Espoo city libraries you can knit, read, edit photos, play the piano, eat porridge, try out tablets, exercise in Spanish, perform, play, get to know role-playing games. Infants can “bathe” in poems. If you’re a bit older, you can go to story telling hour. In many different languages. In Espoo city libraries you can learn something new and adapt something old. If you want.

With Espoo city libraries you grow and develop yourself. Into a young person, an adult, a human being.




Rautacom Oy


Rautacom Oy imports and markets fireplaces equipped with clean combustion technology; Rocal, Jotul and Scan. So with us you can be sure to find a fireplace that is perfect for your home! Rautacom is also sponsoring the Cycling for libraries a movable sauna! Enjoy!


The Flemish Parliament

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The Flemish Parliament

The Library and the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam



The Library of the University of Amsterdam has sponsored the Cycling for libraries 2013 tour and granted us the free use of the Museumcafé at the University of Amsterdam Special Collections building.

Adamnet – the Amsterdam Library Consortium


Adamnet is a cooperation of 30 public, academic and special libraries in the Amsterdam region. Holders of an Adamnet card can borrow material from all participating libraries for free. There is a shared catalogue in WorldCat. The Amsterdam library consortium website is at


The challenge of e-inclusion and social exclusion


We in Civic Agenda have been working with technology in Libraries since 2005. Our sister company RegnerateIT led the way in providing Wi-Fi in UK Libraries from 2004 and we now provide Wi-Fi to many UK Libraries and most prestigiously the British Library.

Our real interests are how technology can be leveraged for Economic and social benefit and we identified the Public Library as a key point for delivery in this sector for reasons you as Librarians will know better than we do.

We began an annual discussion here in Brussels in 2009 when we began the European Congress on E-Inclusion and of course we found many voices from across Europe interested in this topic, but we wanted to get the European Commission to become more aware of this conversation and in 2010 the Conference was taken under the wing of the Belgium Presidency of the European Union. This meant that delegations from across the European Union attended and we were given strong support from the team at the Commission dealing with E-inclusion.

In 2011 we were able to link the Conference to the Polish Presidency of the European Union and we were part of the Gdansk Conference at which we were able to bring the Library experience to a mainstream conference on ICT across Europe.

This coincided with the Global Libraries team at BMGF asking us to support their European Union Working Group of 5 countries and their plans to advocate to the Commission for more recognition of the role of Libraries in education and social and e-inclusion and we have had a great year helping them develop their plans.

As the EU plans and funds it’s time towards 2020 we now believe the time is right for Public librarians and their supporters to “ride” to the European Parliament to meet MEPs and to present to them the fantastic opportunity that Public Libraries have to empower citizens of the European Union across its 27 borders and to change lives for the better as part of the EU 2020 European project.

While you take to your bicycles to change the Commission’s perception of Libraries Civic Agenda’s job here in Brussels will be to prepare for your arrival, welcoming you and to make sure your MEPs know you are coming. We will ask a host MEP to bring you into the Parliament building to meet MEPs and their assistants. There will be a reception and activities during the day to give the best chance to meet the Commission and to share your ideas with them.

Robin Knowles

Civic Agenda will work with you and the team in Finland to develop a “key message” for you to bring and an “ask” to MEPs, to ensure we help them see the link between their EU2020 goals and the work of Librarians in across Europe’s communities.

We look forward to welcoming you to Brussels in June!

Robin Knowles
Civic Agenda

Access to Finnish libraries is a website which opens up a view to the world of Finnish libraries. A visit to the website offers basic information on the whole library field, videos on library activities and services as well as routes to the collections and contact information of different types of libraries.

Online visibility for libraries

In Finland, library web catalogs and websites are maintained by individual library authorities. is a national function aiming at building up shared services for all libraries through projects and development programs. The goal is to offer one-stop access to all library services. We develop tools for all types of libraries. The services include e.g. websites for children and young people, a website focusing on music, online library television and radio which can all be integrated into individual library websites.
The Link library, The Ask a Librarian service and the search services as well as the library register all make it easier to navigate and find the right information online.


Current information for library professionals edits and aggregates news from the library field and the individual libraries for the use of library professionals. We broadcast library events on television, make interviews, write articles and organize training for library staff. The focus lies on developing online skills and media education at libraries. The Finnish and the Swedish are extensive professional websites providing information, discussions plus an online calendar with library-related job openings, current events and news. The unit is, together with the National Library of Finland, working on the national networked library and helping public libraries rationalize production of their web services.

National and international networking makes use of a modular and adjustable information technology architecture and network for content provision. The goals of the services are the same as the basic values of the whole Finnish library institution: user orientation, flexibility, openness and gratuitousness of services. The new services mainly make use of open source technology. We like to cooperate internationally in the library field. Meetings, joint development projects and advancing professional practices through discussions are part of our activities. Nimble project organization with state funding The services are mainly produced with funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture and in cooperation with the Finnish library network. The development unit is part of the organization of the Helsinki City Library – Central Library for Public Libraries. In addition to library professionals, there are also IT and communications specialists working on the different projects.

Kirjastokaista – Library Video Channel is a web service available for everybody. It opens views for libraries, library field, literature and in a wider form to culture through videos and radio programs. At you will find interesting librarians, changing cultural themes and numerous friends of libraries and cooperation partners. Programs of Kirjastokaista are divided to culture marketing- and culture programs designed for all the friends of libraries and literature as well as to contents that address the communication in library field and current contents inside the field. Welcome to watch, listen and utilize the programs of Kirjastokaista! Kirjastokaista is part of

Kuvankaappaus 2013-3-9 kello 8.32.04

Kirjastokaista website at


Finnish Libraries Now!

Finnish Libraries Now

The introduction to Finnish libraries now can be found at

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