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IFLA President-elect’s greeting to CFL2012

It is a great pleasure for me to wish again all the best for the Cycling for Libraries participants. This event is for the second time now. It will again become an unforgetable experience for the participants especially,  for the colleagues who meet the cyclists in their own libraries and also for the  citizens who meet them on the way from Vilnius to Tallinn. I am looking forward to see photos, videos, tweets and blogs from CFL2012 unforconference. Welcome to the Helsinki IFLA World Library and Information Congress in August! Safe trip!

Best wishes

Sinikka Sipilä
Secretary General
Finnish Library Association
IFLA President-elect 2011-2013

Katarina Jee joins the Cyc4lib -journey

Raamatukogubussi Katariina Jee esitlus Raekoja platsil 8_02_2008-DSC03530

Katarina Jee, the mobile library of Tallinn Central Library, was born in Finland in a small place called Kiitokori in 2008.

Katarina Jee got its name from the book “Toomas Nipernaadi”. The book was written by August Gailit, who has enriched Estonian literature, author, who has managed to capture Estonians inner world. In the book Katarina Jee had many boats – and Tallinn Central Library is like Katarina Jee who gives it’s “boat” to the citizens, so it could distribute information and knowledge. Katarina Jee is serving the citizens of Tallinn since 13th of May 2008.

Katarina Jee stops regularly at 26 places all over the Tallinn, in places where no libraries are nearby. She also participates at different events for kids and adults, visits schools and kindergartens. People can choose the book of their interest from the collection of 8000 items. There are about 4000 books in the bus every day, including the classical literature, both in Estonian and Russian. Most of the books are fiction. All the books in the mobile library can be found from the online catalogue ESTER.

In the summer of 2012 Katarina Jee is planning to visit Lithuania, Latvia and Southern Estonia with her friends, the librarians with bicycles. And in that journey in cooperation with librarians and writers she is planning to talk about libraries and literature to all the friends of the libraries among the way. When arriving back to Tallinn, she waves and continues her journey to Helsinki, to meet her friends in IFLA.

In Tallinn on the 8th of August: Tallinn Central Library and the children celebrate the end of the 10th summer reading program “The summer with the book”. All the librarians with bicycles, let’s surprise the children with reading a poem to them in Estonian!

13 kiitokori

Kiitokori Oy is the leading Finnish special vehicle manufacturer. Kiitokori is designing, manufacturing and marketing library buses, buses, shop mobiles, medical and health care vehicles, aircraft de-icing vehicles as well as other special vehicles. Kiitokori is a major manufacturer of library buses in Nordic countries.

Greetings from Michel Wesseling

michel wesseling

Greetings from The Netherlands

On behalf of the Dutch Association of Information Professionals (NVB) it is my great pleasure to congratulate the people who took the initiative with the succesful activity that you have developed. I would also very much like to wish the participants all the best in achieving your goal: bridging the distance between Copenhagen and Berlin, two wonderful cities with interesting and intriguing libraries. Cycling from the Black Diamond to Berlin, where the Senatsbibliothek will be opening their new venue at the end of May.

From the country where in 2008 18 million bycicles were owned by 16 million inhabitants I sincerely hope you will not be faced with the headwind many libraries are confronted with nowadays.

Michel Wesseling
President NVB

Kick-off party in Copenhagen Main Library


100 bicycling library professionals from all over the world will arrive in Copenhagen for the mobile conference ‘Cycling for Libraries’. To celebrate the event, the Libraries of Copenhagen hosts a kick-off party! The splendour of it all takes place at The Main Library. There’ll be drinks and food, and wonderful live music with the klezmer band ‘Orkestar Baxtalo’. Meet international elite of fantastic and enthusiastic library professionals. Bring along your best colleague, and help send off the field with a bang!

The address: Copenhagen Main Library
Date: Friday May 27th 2011 6.30 pm to 10 pm
Entrance: Store Kannikestræde 14

There is also a PDF-version for printing and sharing: CFL_invitation eng_ret.pdf – a library web TV is a Finnish library web TV. There are hundreds of videos marketing and presenting libraries and the library sector at The Kirjastokaista videos include interviews, recordings of events, documentaries and scripted programs in Finnish, Swedish and Eng-lish. is funded by the Education and Culture Ministry.

We will be there at Cycling for libraries tour, too! We are involved in filming the whole trip and making sure with you that it will be the most exciting TV documentary about libraries and librarians!

Greetings from Mikko Lahtinen

mikko lahtinen-pienennetty

Public library is a great equaliser, as Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards formulates in his intelligent autobiography Life. In the Nordic countries the public libraries, with schooling system and health and social services, are essential element of social justice, democracy and welfare. So, Cycling for libraries is a strong act for the common welfare and social equality or, on the otherwise, an act against current neoliberalism with its harsh politics of privatisation, capitalisation and destruction of public services.

Cycling library friends of all countries, unite!

Mikko Lahtinen, “Man of Libraries”

Author of Kirjastojen maa [‘Land of Libraries‘], (Vastapaino, 2010, ISBN 978-951-768-315-9)

Greetings from the National Library of Finland

The National Librarian of Finland sends his greeting on behalf of the whole National library. You have invented a vital and new form of cultural diplomacy. Keep the tires rolling, avoid most of the Gasthauses and bring the message to every library.

I wish a journey of a lifetime to you all!

Kai Ekholm
Director, The National Library of Finland

Greetings from GBV

We here at the computer center of the largest german library union are happy to support the first international Cycling for Libraries unconference and wish all particpants an outstanding event with a lot of discussions on trending topics and a great social event too.

Quite some part of the cycling tour is running across the GBV region and we hope you enjoy the beautiful landscape between Rostock and Berlin with so many lakes and nice spots and get a lot of inspirations and new ideas for all the demanding topics in the world of libraries today.

May the sun be with you and the wind be pushing from the back!

Michael Rathai
Head of Digital Library Department

Greetings from CILIP Cymru!

Kuvankaappaus 2013-1-27 kello 20.48.40

Cyfarchion oddi wrth lyfrgellwyr Cymru – greetings from the librarians of Wales, and good luck to everyone on the Cycling for Libraries ride from Copenhagen to Berlin in June.

I’m President of CILIP Cymru, the association that represents librarians throughout Wales. Wales is a mountainous country and not the ideal terrain for cyclists, but many people do cycle here, including Olympic gold medallist Nicole Cook.

What could be a better match than bicycles and librarians?

When ‘safety bicycles’ arrived in the 1880s they came as liberators: for those who lived in unhealthy cities, and especially for young women. Today bikes still mean freedom for millions of people, young and old – as do libraries. Like libraries they do minimal damage to our planet. And bikes are naturally communal: they like to congregate together, and they positively encourage conversation and friendship. Like libraries they radiate enlightenment and delight.

Good cycling and a happy unconference!

Andrew Green

Greetings from the Rostock University Library


Dear colleagues and enthusiastic cyclists!

Rostock, a Hanseatic port city with a history of almost 800 years, is the largest city in Germany’s north-eastern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and home to the oldest university on the shores of the Baltic sea.

Our port is an important gateway for travellers from and to Scandinavia – it is therefore quite fitting that the Cycling for Libraries Tour will arrive in Germany in our Überseehafen (overseas port)! We are looking forward to your arrival and are especially happy that the initiative and a lot of support for the tour is coming from our Finnish sister city, Turku.

Welcoming you will be a wonderful opportunity for us to discuss new ideas for library and information services in the 21st century – normally, we would have to travel quite far for such an international environment! Together with our colleagues from Rostock City Library and librarians from across the state we are preparing a special half-way event as well as social and cultural events that we hope will get any tired limbs back into shape!

CU in Rostock!

Robert Zepf
Director of Rostock University Library

14 universität rostock

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