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Greetings from Turku


Dear colleagues,

thanks to two innovative Finnish library persons – Mace Ojala and Jukka Pennanen – the library people have the opportunity to experience Cycling for Libraries, the big cycling tour from Copenhagen to Berlin in the beginning of this summer.

Cycling, discussing interesting and important library topics, meeting colleagues, creating new contacts, enjoying the nature, getting into good condition, having fun. That is going to happen on the way from Copenhagen to Berlin from May 27th to June 7th this year. This cycling tour is a brilliant way to exchange ideas and experiences outside comfortable conference rooms, and at the same time it is the most ecological way to connect culture, sports, and human interaction.

I am happy that Turku City Library has the possibility to give home to the project, especially during this year when Turku is the European Capital of Culture. I also thank the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture for funding this project.

I wish favourable winds to the great experience!

Inkeri Näätsaari
Director of Libraries
Turku City Library

“Libraries for the Future – Future for the Libraries”

Berlin will host the 100th Deutsche Bibliothekartag from 7 to 10 June 2011 under the slogan “Libraries for the Future – Future for the Libraries”. The largest central advanced training seminar and scientific conference for the German librarianship has been organised and brought to you by the Berufsverband Information Bibliothek (BIB) and the Verein Deutscher Bibliothekare (VDB) in cooperation with the Deutscher Bibliotheksverband (dbv).

This anniversary celebration of Librarian Day focuses on the future. What challenges will libraries face in the next years, what does society expect of them and what do libraries have to offer society? At the same time, the 100th anniversary also calls for a look back: What have we achieved in the last years, how have we solved the obstacles in our way, and where do we stand now?

Participants will be animated to discuss and benefit from the theoretical, methodical and practical contributions from all fields of the library and the wealth of information of the inland as well as foreign countries.

More information (in German)


Grußwort „Cycling for Libraries“

Willkommen zum 100. Deutschen Bibliothekartag

Als Veranstalter des 100. Deutschen Bibliothekartages, der wichtigsten und größten Fortbildungstagung für den Bibliotheks- und Informationsbereich in Deutschland, freuen wir uns sehr, dass unsere Jubiläumstagung der Abschluss der Radtour und das Ziel der sportlichen Kolleginnen und Kollegen sein wird. Cycling for libraries – quasi eine “mobile Vorkonferenz” mit internationaler Beteiligung! Eine großartige Idee, die mich sofort begeistert hat! Die Verbindung von fachlicher Diskussion zu aktuellen, international relevanten Bibliotheksthemen und dem Spaß an der Bewegung und am Naturerlebnis wird nicht nur eine besondere Erfahrung für die Teilnehmer werden. Der Weg von Kopenhagen nach Berlin ist lang genug, um sich informell auszutauschen, Kontakte zu knüpfen und die Köpfe zu lüften. Wir wünschen der Initiative, dass sie auch das Ziel, durch diese ungewöhnliche Aktion Aufmerksamkeit für Bibliotheken zu erzeugen, erreicht. Man sieht es an der wachsenden Zustimmung für das Event: Bibliothekare sind nicht nur in fachlicher Hinsicht ein bewegliches und innovationsfreudiges Völkchen!

Mögen alle Teilnehmer die Tour genießen, gesund in Berlin ankommen und dann mit frischer Energie in die Konferenztage eintauchen. Gut 3000 applaudierende Kolleginnen und Kollegen sind Ihnen sicher!

“Cycling for Libraries” address

As the organizers of the 100th German Library Conference, the most important and largest conference for the library and information field in Germany, we are very pleased that our jubilee conference is the destination of our athletic colleagues and will wrap up the cycling tour. Cycling for Libraries—you might even call it a “mobile pre-conference” on an international level! It’s a great idea that immediately got me excited. The pairing of professional discussion of current and internationally relevant library topics with the joys of exercise and nature will not just be a memorable experience for the participants. The distance between Copenhagen and Berlin is a long enough stretch for informal exchange, to make new contacts and to refresh your minds. Our wish for the initiative is that this unique campaign will also fulfill its goal of drawing attention to libraries. The growing support of this event is proof enough: librarians are a mobile and innovative bunch!

May all participants enjoy the tour, arrive safe and sound in Berlin and immerse in the conference with fresh energy.

A good 3000 colleagues will be cheering for you!


Susanne Riedel
(Vorsitzende, Berufsverband Information Bibliothek e.V.) / für die Veranstalter
(President, Berufsverband Information Bibliothek e.V.) on behalf of the organizing associations Verein Deutscher Bibliothekare e.V. (VDB) and Berufsverband Information Bibliothek e.V. (BIB)

Greetings from the Followalibrary Day


The organising team of Followalibrary Day supports the Cycling for Libraries initiative fully. In the age where libraries are threatened by closure due to economical and technological developments it is of vital importance to bring libraries and librarians beyond their traditional buildings. Either in the virtual world, like we did, or in the real world, like Cycling for Libraries is doing. Libraries must seize new opportunities in order to keep fulfilling their crucial role of gateways to information. We wish the initiators of this great project the best of luck!

Edwin Mijnsbergen
Harriet de Man
Poulus Bliek
Ad Aerts
Lukas Koster
Wilma van den Brink

Libraries are strong – especially together

German Library Association

Cycling for libraries proudly presents one of its active and internationally-oriented partners – the German library Association. The Association has participated in the preparation of the Cycling for libraries arrangements in Germany in many ways on very short notice and thus contributed to the success of this peculiar event. The German Library Association has also been organizing a joint program with the cyclists in Berlin during the coming 100th Jubiläums-Bibliothekartag on 7th June. Cycling for libraries would like to thank the German Library Association for the fruitful cooperation and looks forward to continuing to bring libraries at the center of the information society.

The German Library Association (dbv) is the professional body representing all German libraries and uniting them as equal partners, irrespective of size or sector, ranging from the largest state or university library down to the smallest local community library and including special libraries, church libraries, public library service centres and training institutions. For the past few years sponsors from the academic and economic sectors have actively supported the work of the dbv, which also welcomes library patron groups.

We cooperate with numerous national and international committees and organisations on behalf of our approximately 2,000 members. At the political level the dbv is headed by the President and at the executive level by the Executive Committee with the advisory assistance of a Board including representatives from both the library and political sectors. Nine Sections corresponding to professional areas of interest and 16 branches at federal state level further represent the interests of our members. These activities are supported and coordinated by the head office in Berlin.

We keep our members up to date on our work through our Newletter, the International Newsletter, the dbv yearbook, individual articles in professional journals, our Annual General Meeting and regular updates to our website.

Our aims

The German Library Association exists to promote German libraries and information, the study of librarianship and information science, the further development of libraries and cooperation between all libraries and institutions of librarianship. We embrace the common concerns of librarianship and information.

We focus on strengthening the position of libraries and the institutions of librarianship within politics and society. Our objective is to increase awareness of our impact on culture and education. We promote the advancement of librarianship.

Our mission includes the promotion of reading and the adoption of modern information tehcniques as an indispensable pre-requisite for participation in society, knowledge and information.

Our organisation

The Members’ Assembly is the top-level organ of our association. Assembly members determine the Association’s policy guidelines and so reach decisions on all matters of fundamental importance.

The President and the two Vice-Presidents are leading political or administrative personalities, elected to office by the Members’ Assembly. They represent the Association in the public sphere and advise the Executive Committee and Board on all important decisions.

The Executive Committee is likewise elected by the Members’ Assembly. It consists of three representatives of academic and public libraries respectively. The Chairman or Chairwoman is elected as an additional member of the Board from the academic and public sectors in turn. The Committee is responsible for managing the activities of the dbv and acts as its official representative. The Chairman or Chairwoman must be a professional librarian; the remaining six members represent public and academic libraries in equal proportions.

The Board supports the work of the Executive Committee. Its members include the Chairmen and Chairwomen of the federal branches and sections, together with representatives of national, federal state and local government associations, the German Research Foundation and independent library funding bodies. The Board debates problems of particular significance for the library system and serves our Association in an advisory function.

Our Regional Branches represent our interests at federal state level. Their chief concern is to promote the library and information system within each state, to enhance understanding of its significance and implications, to improve cooperation within the appropriate institutions and to discuss matters of common professional interest. The Regional Branches work closely with the central federal association, professional institutions and other organisations.

Our association is divided into nine Sections. Each Section embraces libraries of similar size or sector, enabling them to collaborate, exchange know-how and work on common solutions to professional problems.

We have created specialist commissions to deal with specific issues.


  • Services Commission
  • Management Commission
  • Law Commission
  • Libraries and Schools
  • Libraries for Children and Young People
  • Acquisitions and Collections Development
  • Intercultural Library Work

The Head Office is the central point of exchange, assisting the Association’s organs, running the day-to-day business and linking to a network of multiple contacts.

Partners of the German Library Association

We enjoy the assistance of a number of powerful partners in our work at national and international level, among them institutions at national, regional and local level such as ministries, research organisations and association. In the cultural politics sphere we are able to draw on a pool of partners taht support the area of Book an Reading.

We are active members of, and the main financial contributors to, the national umbrella organisation Federal Union of German Library and Information Associations (BID). At the European level our interests are represented through the BID’s membership of EBLIDA (European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations) and world-wide through our participation in IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions). We send delegates to the Permanent Commission for international exchange called Library and Information International (BI-International).

Endorsement from Phil Bradley, Vice President of CILIP

phil bradley

Everyone at Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) wishes every success to the Cycling for Libraries project. It’s a marvelous example of the way in which libraries can positively affect local and national communities while at the same time emphasising the importance of the work of both libraries and librarians. Moreover, it’s a wonderful initiative which combines a sound ecological message and illustrates that knowledge and information is dynamic, on the move and exciting – all key elements of libraries in 2011.

Phil Bradley (@PhilBradley)
Vice President

Greeting from the Swedish Library Association

Poetry in motion. That must be cycling on your own on your bike in the midst of a crowd of colleagues. A poetry cycle, when the wheel spins silently to the asphalt. It’s a great idea and I know the ideas will flow along the road.

Best wishes!

Inga Lundén
President, Swedish Library Association

Greetings from Guldborgsund libraries


Libraries are moving in the right direction. The Cycling for libraries un-conference is an nontraditional and inventive way to highlight that fact. To tell the world about the importance of libraries in an unexpected way, and to share ideas about the future of libraries across borders while actually crossing them.

There are many good stories about libraries that need to be shared with people who already use libraries, and with those who don´t use them yet. Sharing ideas among the participants will hopefully lead to new and better practices and to new ideas we can bring to life once the bike is parked in Berlin and we return to our libraries. Personally I think I get some of my best ideas riding my bike to work.

I strongly support this conference and I am looking forward to welcoming the participants when you reach the Danish island of Falster.

Jan Holmquist (@janholmquist)
Biblioteksfaglig chef, Guldborgsund-bibliotekerne

Greetings from KOBV Consortium


Cycling for Libraries – a conference on wheels. What a great, compelling idea. As the Cooperative Library Network Berlin Brandenburg (KOBV) we are proud to host the ending conference of this international library project on June 6th, 2011 in Berlin. We are looking forward to welcoming library lovers from around the world. We are sharing a common interest: to sharpen the profile and services of libraries to make them fit for the future.

Beate Rusch
Vice Director of KOBV Consortium

Greetings from Oulu University student-guild Index



And greetings from Oulu, the cycling capital of Finland! Oulu is a city well-known for the most extensive cycleway network in Finland and as students we know its value. Bicycle is a dear travelling companion for us all year round. Winter cycling in extreme temperatures is what makes you a real student and a resident of Oulu. As well as saving money, we value preserving the nature and getting exercise. What could be better than combining all these things with a great company of library lovers?

Like cycling, also collaboration with people who have the same interests as us, is close to our hearts. Cycling For Libraries is a great example of the fact that professional co-operation and network building does not have to be boring and overly official. Networking by planning and doing things together, having fun and organizing and participating in a large variety of events is also a core part of the activity of Index, the student organization of Information Studies students in the University of Oulu.

Even though we might not be physically present in the event, we certainly will be following your journey. Happy cycling!

If you want to know more about Information Studies in the University of Oulu, go to the website at

Taru Tanska
Index ry.

Elina Partanen
Vice president
Index ry.

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