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New buildings

As a part of our collection of themes for this years tour, we’re happy to give you an introduction to the
theme that makes up our focus on architecture and how to create the frames for new libraries.
This theme is one of the cornerstones of this years tour as it early became apparent that through alligning Oslo-Gothenburg- Aarhus we’d already created a strong narrative around how we create new frames for our services.

Starting with Oslo where the planning of a new Deichmannske library is in the works. Raising the question of which servuces is relevant in a new library and how that impacts planning the facilities.

Gothenburg main library isn’t as such new but has recently undergone an update of the building at the
same location a task which provided special challenges and opportunities as the different departments of
the public library was housed in different other facilities around the city. We’re looking forward to learning about what kind of impact it had on the different sections and what the take aways were from dispersing only to reassemble under one roof. Did this lead to a different balancing of functions, new partners and a change in services?
Read more about the renovations here!

Aarhus ’s new mediahouse Dokk1 (”dåkken” in lokal dialect) just openend and a treasurethrove lessons in anything from cityplanning to makerspace. The library houses a wide variaty of services and opportunities for the public. The location right at the end of two axis of the city, new harbour front and the reoppening of a stream provides for a beautiful and impressive setting. We’re looking towards hearing the honest story about the experiences surrounding creating one of the largest libraries in Scandinavia.

The library in Dokk1 gives you free access to a world of information, inspiration, learning and entertainment. The library at Dokk1 is a center for knowledge and culture which disseminates and makes a variety of media come alive across genres and formats. The library is the citizens’ house. Staff and management of the organisation continually work with public involvement.

At Dokk1, you will find about 350,000 media for children and adults. Examples of media are books, audio books, ebooks, magazines, music and games. Such a large number of media in one place requires a logical and clear structure of media that makes it easy to navigate and find what you need. We work hard to make media easily accessible and easy to find.
In the library, we make digital media a priority and we are constantly keeping abreast of the future. We still have lots of books as well, of course.

Every day we hold events, exhibits, debates and many other things at the library. You can read about future events in the libraries’ website (in Danish only). See the library’s opening hours at:
Watch the timelapse of the building here

Byggeriet af Dokk1 – februar 2012 til oktober 2014 from Aarhus Public Libraries on Vimeo.

Juha Manninen: How to make librarians agree about partnering

Library executives, staff and customers are confused. New methods of service and new partners should be integrated in order to survive in a world where library financing is being reduced. Some of us are ready to accept all kinds of co-operation and circulation forms while others are trying to prove that this way libraries are going to loose the last of their credibility.

My concern is how to get these two parties to come closer to each other?

Juha Manninen
Turku City Library

Phil Hall: starting now to imagine the library in 100 years

Does anyone remember the “old days”, not that many years ago, when there would be guys in a bar who used to make a bet with each other about some trivia question and then call the library to find the answer? Ever notice that those guys don’t call much anymore? Now that they have Google, Wikipedia, and a smartphone, they never think of calling the library. Are we no longer the ready-reference source of information for our communities?

At the same time, public libraries have always been the primary source of reading material for the recreational readers in our community and we have obsessively counted their every transaction; carefully noting the holds and circulation of bestsellers. And many public libraries have done the same with feature film videos and then DVD’s. Now, Netflix will send DVD’s into obsolescence and, perhaps e-readers will do the same to books.

When that happens, we have to be sure that we are still making a difference to the citizens of our towns. I have given two presentations this spring about envisioning the library one hundred years from now. My goal at Cycling For Libraries is to learn better ways to help my colleagues to envision a long-term future for their libraries, and to find the things they can start doing right now to reach that vision.

Phil Hall
Vancouver Public Library

Yulia Gushul: Partnership between teachers, librarians and volunteers library and state power

I am Yulia from Russia. I am librarian and the teacher of the librarian higher school. I teach courses: bibliographies, data bases, information resources and so on. I am bibliographer too. I work with databases and prepare bibliographic indexes, especially about person.

I study problems of digital divide, of the information of the future, of the information security. I think about such humanitarian problems as psychology of perception information.

I see that me and my students need to know the English language. And I am happy that I can hear the English language and I will try to speak English. In Russia such a possibility little.

I want to find the answers to the following questions:

  1. Our professional future in the networked world.
  2. Open access journals in college library collection.
  3. Information policy, it content and challenges for an effective knowledge society.
  4. E-metrics and library assessment in action.
  5. Metadata practices

And I’ll be happy to invite all to Southern Urals where there are lakes, mountains, mountain bikes, rafting on fast rivers and I ;-))))

Yulia Gushul
The Chelyabinsk State Academy of Culture and Arts