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We improve customer service and simplify work for library staff by automating material handling tasks such as self-service, the check-in process and sorting. By automating heavy and time-consuming processes, library staff members are available to accomplish more patron service-orientated tasks. Lyngsoe strives to create ideal work conditions for library staff. By automating the returns process, item handling is greatly reduced, eliminating repetitive lifting, reaching, grabbing, and bending.

We are continuously developing new products and solutions that meet the needs of libraries today and tomorrow. We focus on ergonomics, usability and performance to put a key focus on material handling efficiency, improving work environment and the patron experience.

Libraries of all sizes
Lyngsoe’s automated systems will benefit any library, regardless of size, circulation volume, or type of media. From university libraries, research and public libraries, to private collections, Lyngsoe library solutions are cost-effective, ergonomic alternatives to the traditional, labor-intensive library processes such as check-in, sorting, shelving and security monitoring. Our automated material handling equipment has been designed to condense high functionality into a small package. The result is a library solution that can be installed in existing buildings with very little available space, and still offer the benefits associated with installations in new facilities.

The Swedish Library Association is celebrating its centenary

Celebrating our centenary

100-AR-MAGENTAIn 1915 a society was founded that is now better known as the Swedish Library Association. For the last one hundred years, people all over Sweden who have knowledge of, commitment to and a passion for libraries have come together to create our association. Our members, through their voluntary engagement, have built up the Swedish library system we have today through practical work, the sharing of their knowledge and by constantly explaining the value of libraries to society. The Swedish Library Association is still a society-changing force that plays a clear role in library development because our mission is timeless. The focus of our work is always based on the belief that a library is a cornerstone of democratic development.

The Swedish Library Association stands for everyone’s right to free access to knowledge, culture and information. We believe in development through knowledge. We know that language is power. And we know what obstacles can stand in the way of democracy. Our vision is a society and a world where everyone can use their democratic right to develop, think, speak and write freely. And we believe in the library as one of society’s best responses to future democratic challenges.

During Sweden’s industrialization, the Swedish Library Association developed standards for universal access to knowledge and education in parallel with broad social movements. After World War II, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights confirmed the right of everyone to freedom of opinion and expression, and the “freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers”. The library system in Sweden was built to fulfil that goal. Records from those years show the development not only of more and better libraries, but also a powerful expansion of adult education and training in the community, which laid the foundation for the relatively equal access to knowledge and information we have in Sweden today.

Swedish Library Association members have contributed greatly to the democracy-building process in this country. Public libraries, school libraries, academic libraries and specialist authority and organization libraries – today, libraries represent a nationwide infrastructure of knowledge, science, culture and information that is open and available to all. With the realization that democracy is still developing in the era of globalization, we also cooperate with library associations and libraries around the world to enhance freedom in other countries. We are part of a growing international library movement with solid cooperation in the Nordic region, Europe and the rest of the world.

Over the years we have celebrated many successes, some very recent. In 2011 the entitlement of schoolchildren to school libraries was written into the Education Act; in 1997, Sweden passed a Library’s Act and 2014 it was strengthened. Now we continue to push for a strong national library strategy and increased resources for libraries. Only then can these laws remain effective. We are meeting the challenges of digitization and helping everyone in society take advantage of the huge information resource that libraries represent!

It is with pride, joy and eagerness that the Swedish Library Association now invites you to join in our jubilee year, 2015. We are a member-supported organization that collects Sweden’s most skilled and dedicated experts from all types of libraries. We will continue to defend your right to have independent, strong and accessible libraries. We will continue to influence policy and contribute to knowledge and debate. We have 100 years of library work in the service of democracy behind us, and we have even more work to do in the future.

In Gothenburg the Swedish Libray Association will sponsor the evening reception on the 5th of September

Cyc4lib partners with Next library 2015

Next library

Next Library- The gold at the end of the rainbow.
As many of you know it’s customary for a cycling for libraries event to end in at a destination with a library related event or conference. This year we’ll be arriving in Aarhus in time for the Next Library Festival. This year we’re proud to have entered a partnership with Next Library.
As not everyone riding with us also takes part in the Festival we’ve constructed two offers for all full-tour participants:
1. Join Next Library Festival  Get2Gether event in Dokk1 as guest Saturday evening 12 September
2. A discount of 300 DKK on the Next Library Festival fee.
Just write”Cycling for Libraries Dokk1” in the field ”in the comment box of the registration form
If you have already registered for both event, notify us and we’ll make sure you can still be available for the discount.
We hope many of you will take advantage of the offer and participate and join the Next Library Festival.
Next Library Festival 12 – 15 September 2015
International opening of Dokk1 – the new library in Aarhus/Denmark
The program is co-created with participants, partners and sponsors; 15 amazing Interactive Sessions are organized by 48 people from 12 countries and they are soon to be announced. Preliminary program is available here:
Registration is open and tickets are sold fast:
People from 25 countries have already registered; Australia, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Singapore, Slovenia; Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Ukraine, United Kingdom and USA.
Next Library® 2015 is organized by Aarhus Public Libraries in co-operation with conference partners and sponsors: Cycling for Libraries, Danish Agency for Culture, Danish Library Association, EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries), Silkeborg Libraries, Herning Libraries, The Nordic Halmstad Conference Group, The International Author Scene in Aarhus, Systematic Library & Learning, Rambøll – Consulting engineers, designers and management consultants, Aarhus School of Architecture, PIT – Participatory Information Technology Centre, Aarhus University and schmidt/hammer/lassen architects.
DBC is Main Sponsor

Register for Next library here


Lammhults Biblioteksdesign A/S


We work with libraries, leading architects, designers and other professionals in the development of library design and functionality. We adapt our services to suit your needs, budget and timescales, resulting in inspirational and responsive living, working and playing environments.

We offer unique solutions based on functional and creative interior design, contemporary furniture packages and tailor-made product development.

Through 6 solution-provider stages, we aim to design & deliver the best libraries – always.

1. Inspiration – Inspire, explore, challenge and share
2. Briefing – Understand the brief
3. Design – Provide designed solution
4. Presentation – Visualize and communicate the solution
5. Execution – Ensure strong and reliable execution
6. Follow-up – Follow-up, evaluate and evolve

We are library people!

p.S Here are som of the libraries that we have worked with and that you will encounter on the route:



The Danish Union of Librarians, Bibliotekarforbundet,  is proud to be sponsoring Cycling for Libraries 2015. With the purpose of creating awareness of library professionals and libraries and simultaneously creating international network we see the conference as an unique way of promoting the important role of libraries and librarians in society. Living in the capital of cyclists and therefor an enthusiastic cyclist herself, the president (chairman), Tine Jorgensen, will participate in part of the Danish tour.

Bibliotekarforbundet, The Danish Union of Librarians – Union of Information Specialists and Cultural Intermediaries,  is an independent trade union, formed to secure wage and working conditions and to cultivate the profession of librarianship in Denmark. Today the Danish Union of Librarians organize approximately 5.500 Danish librarians; about 90% of all educated librarians in Denmark. About 2.600 of them are working in the public libraries, 900 in the research and special libraries, 550 in the private sector – around 4% are without permanent employment.

The Danish Union of Librarians has the double purpose – as union and guild in one. The Union act both as ordinary trade unions, negotiating wage rates, employment and working conditions etc. as well as having a guild function. But we also cover the profession as such, taking interest in its developement, procuring education and in-service training, unemployment etc.

It is within the union that professional pride thrives and is nurtured. Within The Librarians Union it’s considered that the social significance of the trade is reflected in the value of the libraries and vice versa. The Union maintain that wage rates and the prestige of profession are connected.




Danmarks biblioteksforening

The Danish Library Association (DLA) is an organisation which lobbies for libraries, in particular public libraries. Its mission is to campaign for free and equal access to information, knowledge and cultural experiences at local level. The association lobbies the national government and the local municipalities and their politicians. For example, the DLA fought for and succeeded in resisting charges for library services when the most recent library act came into force in 2000. This new Law on Library Activities states that book and digital formats, including the internet, are equally important in today’s Knowledge Society.
Past and present
The DLA has been active for more than one hundred years. In the beginning its aims were to ensure that public libraries had the means, methods and a legal framework to promote reading, reading habits and support literacy.
Today, our aims have expanded into a new vital area. This is supporting and promoting ICT-literacy and assisting citizens to acquire net-search and net-use skills. These abilities are considered fundamental in a democratic e-society.
One of the DLA’s main focuses now is to highlight and promote the concept of the modern library, i.e. the combined physical and virtual library. This modern library offers both traditional services such as books and other printed materials. However, in accordance with the law, it also offers full access to digital documents and resources, and assists users in searching for relevant material on the internet.





Parce que nous fournissons aux familles le plus respectueux moyen de déplacement depuis 35 ans, nous proposons aux professionnels et aux collectivités un outil fonctionnel
et économique !

En choisissant un triporteur Christiania Bikes, vous participez au changement des comportements et donnez plus de place à l’humain dans le tissu urbain.

Notre savoir-faire, c’est avant tout une conception de la mobilité :
nos triporteurs sont légers, solides, maniables et adaptés à de multiples utilisations.

Mais c’est parce que nos triporteurs sont fonctionnels et s’inscrivent dans le développement durable qu’ils vous deviendront indispensables.

2 3 Nimetön


Les raisons d’adopter un triporteur comme mode de transport

  • Respectueux de l’environnement, il s’inscrit parfaitement dans  l’Agenda 21, outil de Développement durable.
  • Economique, il ne nécessite pas d’entretien, ni de carburant ni de parking.
  • Conduite en toute sécurité grâce à ses équipements de série : vérin hydraulique, frein à disque, rétropédalage.
  • Rapide et fluide, il se faufile partout et ne connait pas les embouteillages ni les problèmes de stationnement.
  • Support de communication original, il bénéficie d’un important capital sympathie et d’une forte visibilité.
  • Robuste, il transporte jusqu’à 100 kg de marchandises, avec un cadre garantie 3 ans et une caisse imputrescible.
  • Modulable, il s’adapte à vos envies, et dispose de nombreux accessoires et options (couleurs, bâches, vitesses).




Ils nous font confiance :
Ville de Vannes, Ville de Vichy, Ville de Caen, MJC Ile de France, base de loisirs de Cergy, Emmaüs Tourcoing, CG37, Presstalis, Buzzeo, INCM, Le Vieux Campeur, Rooj, Projet Café, Tariquet…

Les caractéristiques techniques :

  •  Jusqu’à 100 kg de charge
  • Caisse en bois imputrescible
  • Freins à disque avant et rétropédalage
  • Poignée avec frein de parking
  • Vitesses intégrées Nexus Shimano
  • Roues 24 pouces
  • Jantes aluminium double parois
  • Cadre acier ou aluminium
  • Chaîne galvanisée
  • Carter de protection
  • Vérin facilitateur de direction
  • Option assistance électrique
  • Fabrication Danoise


Vos atouts

Pour l’animation

Aller au-devant du public ; communiquer sur vos évènements

Transporter vos livres t revues

Les livres c’est lourd, le triporteur véhicule jusqu’à 100 kg

Attirer l’attention

Ludique et convivial, le triporteur attire les regard et suscite l’intérêt.

Pour l’entretien

Transport des plantes et détritus ;

transport des outils


23, rue de Crimée 75019 Paris
Tél. : 00 33 (0)6 98 76 58 65 e-mail :  site :
SARL au capital de 8 000 € RCS Paris 8 488 901 497





Kiitokori has a long experience ranging over forty years as a manufacturer of Library Buses. During these years, we have had a good and constant co-operation with libraries all overNorthern Europe. We have great expertise and experience in producing detailed practical and technical solutions for mobile libraries.

We pay special attention to the interior of the bus. The ergonomics of librarians is also an important baseline for all designs. The drawings are verified by Kiitokori’s designers and customer in close cooperation. We use only high quality, durable and safe materials while manufacturing the Library Bus and furnishing the interior.

Kiitokori Libris can be built by shaped wall pillars or straight wall frames in which case the interior space is sixteen centimetres wider. The total width of the vehicle is similar in both cases. Both models come in all furnishing designs.

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