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Paul Costelloe



My name is Paul and I’m Irish, although I was born and raised in London. I have been on three previous Cycling for Libraries trip, although I do not work in a library. How I came to join this group is a story that is best told while cycling.

I’m a big fan of libraries and have especially fond memories of two in particular from my childhood. I have made some good friends from my previous C4L trips, but unfortunately have not managed to lose the one I brought with me – maybe I’ll have better luck in Toulouse.

I have only schoolboy French, although I worked for a French Company Rhone-Poulenc for 3 years, during which time my French language skills improved considerably. But they have since deteriorated, so apart from the phrases ‘the pen of my aunt’ and ‘where is the nearest hospital’ my conversation may be very limited. But my style of cycling is amusing to watch, so hopefully that will compensate. I will bring flash cards with me and I have also been practicing my miming skills, but neither of these options may be very easy to do while cycling, so I’m not sure I have thought this through properly.

Google Translate will probably make a complete mess of this and you will all end up thinking I’m a little strange, but I’m still looking forward to seeing you next week. The weather in England is completely rubbish at the moment, so hopefully it will be sunny in Toulouse.

Take care and chat (flash / mime) soon.

Paul Francis Costelloe

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