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Cycling for libraries Belgium 10–13 September 2017

From the country that supplies the world with beer, chocolate, waffles and surrealism: we bring you a four-day local tour in the East of Belgium. It’s Belgian to the core: co-created by librarians and library lovers from all three of the country’s official language communities. Communities that know each other very little and have separate media, culture and library policies. It will be an adventure in the best Cycling for Libraries tradition: an international bicycle unconference and library advocacy tour, crossing language borders and connecting different countries. We strive to bring together librarians from the Dutch, French and German speaking parts of Belgium, so they can get to know each other and share experiences with international colleagues. We are inspired by our country motto: ‘Unity makes strength’. We believe this to be true on many levels. Hence our motto for this tour: ‘United we bike’. Hop on your bikes and join us on this quadrilingual tour, celebrating language learning and mutual understanding! Registration for the full tour is now open. Single day participation following soon.

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