Katie Herzog: Library aesthetics in an information age

I am interested in exploring the “image” the library is “selling,” and developing alternative platforms to interface with the public, including library artist residencies and locally elected classification systems. Branding and marketing are popular approaches many libraries feel forced to adopt to stay competitive, keep their image fresh and relevant, and maintain funding. In an over-saturated ad culture where it is increasingly necessary for the recipient to tune out messages entirely, let’s use our medium, information, creatively. If we are losing patrons to the internet and digitization, in our strategizing to invite them back in, let’s consider what libraries offer which online searches don’t: physicality, qualia, architecture, politics, community, light, human guidance, local historical archives, public space, etc. Let’s utilize the challenge of relevance as a means for institutional innovation.

Katie Herzog
Molesworth Institute

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  1. Jared

    I love qualia!

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