Claudia Serbanuta: what was the library of your grandparents like?

For my homework I wanted to propose something that is related to my recent interest in understanding how/if informational needs change in time. I have  a question that i would like to ask each of you – so you’ll probably see me cornering you with my voice recorder to ask you this: how did the “library” of your grandparents looked like when they were your age? And when I say “library” I don’t necessary mean a formal institution with books and so on, but a space where sharing of information was possible. What was the library of your grandparents like?

In a fast-changing technology age and in the struggle to provide new services in our libraries, I think is interesting to think about what are the informational needs we try to address and how did they change in time.

Claudia Serbanuta
University of Illinois

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