Anne Guegan: learn about library website redesign projects

I am part of a working group which is preparing a new website for the  library of the University of Poitiers (25 000 students). The current  website adress is it’s quite old-style. We are working on a complete redesign. More  specifically I work on the query interfaces, metadata harvesting,  valorisation of the digital production of the University, Web 2.0  functionalities. I have many issues and will appreciate to exchange on  Library websites and to get feedbacks on successful re-design projects.

I would like to hear more about the 23 Ting project which has been  experienced in Denmark according to  a newspaper report in  “Bibliothèque(s)”, the journal of the “Association des bibliothécaires  de France”.

And finally, I was at a meeting last week in Montpellier (France) where  Poul Erlandsen from the Royal Library of Copenhague gave a presentation.  His conference was about sharing resources and delivering books to your  doorstep. I would appreciate to collect some information on this service.

Anne Guegan
Poitiers University Library

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  1. Bruce Pomerantz


    Please send your email address to I will forward your request to the person who was in charge of the project. She will respond to you directly.

    Bruce Pomerantz

    • Hi Bruce,
      I just sent you a message

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