Corina Ciuraru: the library – ONGs coalition

I have been thinking for some time what can I do to in order to attract more users in my library. I have always had the exact same answer to this problem: really useful community services. I have understood in time that we are not able to do everything alone and that we need partnerships. One of the best partners are the ONGs with people with lots of ideas, but limited resources. We, the libraries, do have resources, but we don’t always have the necessary creativity so we can complete each other’s. This way I have learned how to proceed in order to realize modern, innovative and useful services for the community.

The first step was to create the library’s own ONG, which is, in fact, an ANBPR branch. This way I have managed to communicate easier the other ONGs and, at the same time, have offered new possibilities for my colleagues to affirm themselves in the same professional association. It is wrong to say that I have just started this project. I have ended many others partnerships in order to fulfill my most upon dream: to realize a coalition between the ONGs, citizens and the local administrative on the side of my library. With each partnership signed we managed to attract a new category of people: the teenagers, and also volunteers, old persons and people with disabilities, etc. It is quite hard to make the library appeal to those groups nowadays.

Why is it a problem? It’s simple: I love the social side of the library, working with people and being near the people who need help. I want that the library for them to become their “third home”, after their “private home” and their “job”, of course.

Looking forward to seeing you at C4L!

Corina (Kya) Ciuraru
County Public Library “Panait Istrati”
Braila, Romania

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  1. “Success on the branch!”

  2. Crina Popescu

    Good luck, Corina!

  3. I wish you good luck, Corina, and we hope you’ll represent us very well … We have all confidence in you and your skills! Fingers crossed!

  4. I have a small observation 🙂

    ANBPR=The National Association of Librarians and Public Libraries in Romania (

    ANBPR give me support for this event! 🙂

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