Greetings from CILIP Cymru!

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Cyfarchion oddi wrth lyfrgellwyr Cymru – greetings from the librarians of Wales, and good luck to everyone on the Cycling for Libraries ride from Copenhagen to Berlin in June.

I’m President of CILIP Cymru, the association that represents librarians throughout Wales. Wales is a mountainous country and not the ideal terrain for cyclists, but many people do cycle here, including Olympic gold medallist Nicole Cook.

What could be a better match than bicycles and librarians?

When ‘safety bicycles’ arrived in the 1880s they came as liberators: for those who lived in unhealthy cities, and especially for young women. Today bikes still mean freedom for millions of people, young and old – as do libraries. Like libraries they do minimal damage to our planet. And bikes are naturally communal: they like to congregate together, and they positively encourage conversation and friendship. Like libraries they radiate enlightenment and delight.

Good cycling and a happy unconference!

Andrew Green

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