Pamela Martin: How can we improve public library services and encourage young people to engage in library activities?

How can we improve public library services and encourage young people (age group 12 -24 teenagers) to engage in library activities? Currently we have events, but get very low or no attendance.  The offering of pizza does not even entice them to participate in the library events!

How can we identify the needs and develop programs differently than what we are doing so that we can provide services to teenagers?

Pamela Martin
Logan City Council Library

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  1. I would create a Facebook page and create “Events” of the programs you hold. Be sure to keep the page updated with fresh events and status updates so that users know that everything is current.
    Also, contact the school system and send flyers to the schools. The Library I work at sends flyers to the schools monthly, and it helps tremondously!
    What kind of events do you hold?
    We have book-related programs, but we also hold [free] programs such as a Game Day, Popcorn & a Movie, Wii Zumba, & a Pokemon League to keep kids and teens off of the streets and give them something fun to do.
    For Game Day, we received a grant, so we purchased a Wii game system and a few games. We also held a Game drive where people donated various board games they weren’t using. We put flyers out and an event on Facebook to advertise this.
    For Popcorn & a Movie we purchased a Movie License so that we can legally show movies, the Friends of the Library purchased a popcorn machine, and we show the movies onto a blank wall with an old projector we already had. The kids receive popcorn & an ice cold drink as they come in to watch the movie.
    For Wii Zumba, we simply bought the Wii Zumba Fitness game since we already purchased a Wii, and we hook up the Wii to the projector and play it on a blank wall as we do with the movie.
    Our Library actually hired a few high school students who are now in college that came up with all of these ideas and run them, so that may also be a key factor.
    Good Luck!!

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