Evelyn Weiser: how to interest LIS students in technological issues


Apart from working as a systems librarian in a project related to search engine based catalogues I am an assistant lecturer in library technology and information retrieval for LIS students.
In my opinion, every position in a library nowadays requires at least a slight understanding of and interest in technological issues. There is, however, still a number of students who want to deal mainly with patrons and/or physical media. But I believe that even as – for example – a childrens librarian you must not be completely ignorant of the technology related changes going on in the library world. I strongly belief that every student will have to deal with at least some of those changes at some point in their library career.

So during Cycling For Libraries I would like to learn about particular methods and ways to make topics like data formats, catalogues, databases, library management software, linked open data etc. interesting for students who otherwise do not much care about information technology. I guess among the many participants there will be quite a few who do teaching themselves or are just creative and have some good ideas. I am looking forward to it!

Evelyn Weiser

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