Svetlana Lebedava: running with the hare and hunting with the hounds


There is an ongoing discussion whether results of the research which is publicly funded should be also publicly accessible. On the one hand, several recently started open-access journals (like PLoS, Silence, F1000Research) are not too popular among scientists to submit their papers to. On the other hand, subscriptions are too expensive, and less and less libraries even in big research institutes can afford subscriptions to many journals. On the third side, as an author I still have to pay the same amount of money whether I submit to subscribed journal (where publication costs are officially supposed to be covered by subscription money) or to open-access one (which are non-profit and which publication costs are paid from author’s fees). Why? Might there be a solution to make everybody (public, authors, publishers and libraries) happy?

Svetlana Lebedava

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