Sebastian Slotte: why wasn’t I invited to the foundation stone laying ceremony of the new Savonlinna public library?


I was a tourist in the city of Savonlinna in Eastern Finland on June 13. and I was eager to visit the physical main library. Well I found it on the streetmap but I could not see any library around. So I stopped a patrolling police car on the street and asked. They pointed at a hill just behind my back. Yes, there it was hidden behind some trees on the top of the hill.

Inside the library a member of the staff at the counter informed me that the foundation stone of a new main library in Savonlinna was bricked in a ceremony that same day.

Today I checked out a blog about the making of the new library in Savonlinna. Now I know that the event was not public. It was a “private party” with 60 guests and a brass band.

My question is: Why people of Savonlinna and tourists like myself were NOT invited to join the foundation party of the new library in Savonlinna on June 13; to drink the non-alcoholic sparkling wine; to listen to the local brass band and finally to get a glimpse of the new physical library in the making?

I am grateful for any help from Savonlinna Municipal Library Chief, mr Tapani Boman, to get an answer to my question.

For more information about Savonlinna Library (in english)

Sebastian Slotte

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  1. Sebastian

    I sent my homework to Savonlinna Library Chief, mr Tapani Boman. Next day I got this e-mail:


    Thank you for your contact and interest to the Savonlinna library.

    The simple answer for the question why citizens of Savonlinna and tourists were not invited to join the foundation ceremony of the new library is that in such occasions it is custom to invite only those who somehow have participated in the project: architects and other planners, technicians, contractors, members of the project team, politicians who have made the project possible.
    The ceremony took place in the middle of the construction work and lasted about 30 minutes. In such circumstances it would have been difficult to allow admittance to all.

    However, I admit that it is an excellent idea to organize same kind of ceremony which would be open to everyone. Library has a central role in society and the new house rouses large interest. We have intention to have an “open doors’ day” when the project is in such a phase that it is possible to wander around and see the more than now. You are welcome to Savonlinna again.

    Best regards.”

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