Greeting from Kristina Virtanen and IFLA WLIC 2012 in Helsinki

kristina virtanen

I want to salute and applaud all the participants taking part in this year’s Cycling for Libraries tour.

I think Cycling for Libraries is a wonderful marketing tool and opportunity to promote libraries in the societies that they cycle through. It is a good occasion for librarians to meet each other in different environments, and at the same time an inspirational and unique possibility to develop future libraries with the discussions and seminars that will take place during the tour.

I am glad to wish Cycling for Libraries success. At the same time I also want to welcome all the participants to Finland after an active tour in the Baltic States; to take part in IFLA WLIC 2012 in Helsinki, or one of the different pre-conferences in the Baltic States or Finland.

Kristina Virtanen
WLIC 2012 in Helsinki
National coordinator

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