Hilde Nelissen: the library in 2020?


Where are we going and how can I keep up with the fast changing library world ? As a solo-librarian I’m daily challenged: I want to inform myself to keep my users informed … but also have to keep the library running. How do other solo-librarians manage ? I hope to learn from you all about databases and interesting websites. And of course I’m specially interested in learning from university- and scientific libraries.

I recently engaged myself to a group who’s doing project in developing countries. I really want to work on this topic as well because this is again, like this biketrip, a professional and personal challenge.

I’m ready to share my experience and learn from you all so I can start working again after this trip with renewed energy !

Hilde Nelissen

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  1. Khim

    What about mobile library? if you want to do something in the field of Library and library , development please come to Nepali a developing country. we want to develop libraries in Nepal and we need a person like you.

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