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And greetings from Oulu, the cycling capital of Finland! Oulu is a city well-known for the most extensive cycleway network in Finland and as students we know its value. Bicycle is a dear travelling companion for us all year round. Winter cycling in extreme temperatures is what makes you a real student and a resident of Oulu. As well as saving money, we value preserving the nature and getting exercise. What could be better than combining all these things with a great company of library lovers?

Like cycling, also collaboration with people who have the same interests as us, is close to our hearts. Cycling For Libraries is a great example of the fact that professional co-operation and network building does not have to be boring and overly official. Networking by planning and doing things together, having fun and organizing and participating in a large variety of events is also a core part of the activity of Index, the student organization of Information Studies students in the University of Oulu.

Even though we might not be physically present in the event, we certainly will be following your journey. Happy cycling!

If you want to know more about Information Studies in the University of Oulu, go to the website at

Taru Tanska
Index ry.

Elina Partanen
Vice president
Index ry.

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