Greetings from Guldborgsund libraries


Libraries are moving in the right direction. The Cycling for libraries un-conference is an nontraditional and inventive way to highlight that fact. To tell the world about the importance of libraries in an unexpected way, and to share ideas about the future of libraries across borders while actually crossing them.

There are many good stories about libraries that need to be shared with people who already use libraries, and with those who don´t use them yet. Sharing ideas among the participants will hopefully lead to new and better practices and to new ideas we can bring to life once the bike is parked in Berlin and we return to our libraries. Personally I think I get some of my best ideas riding my bike to work.

I strongly support this conference and I am looking forward to welcoming the participants when you reach the Danish island of Falster.

Jan Holmquist (@janholmquist)
Biblioteksfaglig chef, Guldborgsund-bibliotekerne

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