Greetings from the flemish library and archive association VVBAD

We are thrilled to hear Cycling for Libraries is coming to Belgium this year! Cycling is a popular sport in Flanders and we have a well developed and extensive network of public libraries. Cycling & libraries: we know it is a winning combination!

Our association was founded in 1921, at the time the first public library act was established in Belgium. So, we have a long tradition of bringing librarians (and archivists) together around their common interests and values, of which freedom of information  is the central one.

Cycling for libraries is a wonderful grassroots events. We will encourage our flemish colleagues to join and we will support the event where ever we can. We hope together we can raise the interest of the press, the public and the politicians for the important role public libraries play in society.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Bruno Vermeeren
Co-ordinator VVBAD


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