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Cycling for libraries Sweden May 12–14 2013


Cycling for libraires Sweden is a local cyc4lib trip in 2013 organized by the Swedish library activists Alireza Afshari and Åke Nygren. Both guys have been participating in the international Cycling for libraries tours and got the inspiration to organize a similar local trip in Sweden. They share the values of the Cycling for libraries.


Date:  May 12th – 14th 2013

Route:  Stockholm – Örebro

Fee:  SEK1600 / SEK1400 (before Feb 28), half tour with half fee

Registration: Till 1st of April (link)

Organizers:  Alireza Afshari and Åke Nygren

Contact:  Alireza Afshari, Enhetschef, Stockholms stadsbibliotek, tel: 08 508 31274 or 076 1231274, email: alireza.afshari (at)

Some pictures from the first day (60 km of cycling)Plattan

The preparations for departure at Plattan, i.e. the lower part of Sergels torg (Sergel’s Square) in Stockholm. 

Södertälje bibliotek
A presentation in the Södertälje library. Two large immigrant groups are – guess what – Finns and Iranians!

Tvetagårdens vandrarhem
Finally at Tvetagårdens vandrarhem (Hostel Tvetagården). Ali giving orders.

Some pictures from the second day (103,6 km of cycling)

Mariefred bibliotek
In front of the Mariefred’s nice library – waving to people of Mariefred.

Strängnäs kur

Ali giving an interview to Strengnäs newspaper.

The scenery route
The alternative “scenery route” to Strängnäs.

The cake
If there are no birthdays to celebrate, you can still have cake.

Some pictures from the third day (104 km of cycling)

Sveriges radio
Ali about to give an interview to Swedish Radio.

This had to come. And soon after rain started we had also the first flat. Ali biking in a rain. 


A nice option, huh…? Mace…?

Ali talking
A break on a roadside.

Photos: Jukka Pennanen. More on Tumblr / Åke Nygren

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