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Cycling for libraries Kaliningrad May 25th 2013


On the last day of IFLAcamp-Laboratory on 25 May a mini one-day Cycling for libraries will be held! It should be a rather dynamic conclusion of IFLAcamp-Lab!
We should admit that Kaliningrad is not rather convenient city for cycling. Here are no bicycles’ paths. But now the work on improving this situation has started – here are some initiative groups elaborating the strategy of development of bike culture in Kaliningrad. So our mini Cycling for libraries is very important for Kaliningrad – it will help to attract the attention of city administration to this problem! And of course to the question of libraries’ development!

Website: in Facebook

Date:  May 25th 2013

Route:  In Kaliningrad (the exact route will be announced soon)

Organizers:  Kaliningrad library system and NPSIG network

TV spot

Click to view the spot in Kaliningrad tv – note: Cycling for libraries starts at 8:25!


DSC09203 DSC09258 DSC09266 IMG_7985 IMG_7990 IMG_8002 IMG_8080 IMG_8085 IMG_8086 IMG_8093 IMG_8094 IMG_8136 КАРТА

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