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Michael Rathai: “Thinking the unthinkable: a library without a catalogue…”


I was thinking over and over about homework 3 without success, without finding THE issue I feel being worth or relevant to our event next month… But today while following ELAG2013 on twitter I came across the article from Simone Kortekaas “Thinking the unthinkable: a library without a catalogue — Reconsidering the future of discovery tools for Utrecht University library” and I immediately realized: that is my problem/issue/challenge to focus on during cy4lib13. The article almost perfectly describes and summarizes a lot of my thoughts about the future of our catalogues and role as a service provider for academic libraries, although it threatens our existence at the same time. If we leave the job of providing search interfaces and discovery tools to Google etc., what will our job be in the future. We as service provider for libraries, not endusers do not own a single object being searched for. Ok, we could provide the electronic journals and e-books, but this can be done by others too, who own the direct sources and access rights.

“Our users are on the Internet and use Google or Google-like discovery tools. They find the content they need and then expect the library to deliver the content. We concluded that if, indeed, this is the world of our users, if this is reality, if big commercial companies are able to offer freely accessible search engines containing scientific content, there really is no need for libraries to try and pull their users back to the library systems. What would our users miss out on if we should decide to leave the discovery side of our services to parties that are far better equipped to build, keep up and constantly update their products? What would happen if we, as a library, should focus on the delivery side of the job instead?” [1]

Looking forward to see you soon!


[1] see: S. Kortekaas,


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