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Library bikes entice people to the Plot Party of the Central Library

There’s much excitement in the air – the winner of The Heart of the Metropolis — Helsinki Central Library Architectural Competition will be announced on 14 June 2013. For a long time now, the new-generation library has been in the process of planning together with residents. Therefore, we want to be where everyone is on this festive occasion.

The library belongs where all people are, on the streets and in the alleys, wherever people get together, run their errands and live their lives. The Central Library is taking the skills, information and stories of a library to the people with the help of six bikes, and is inviting them to discover the new and exciting possibilities of doing things together.

The bikes will ride the streets of Helsinki on 13–14 June from 10 am to 6 pm. Library employees will ride among the people as navigators of stories and information, cycling encyclopaedias and good-mood ambassadors through the streets and alleys. You may spot the children’s bike or the music one, the game, classic or information bike or the one showcasing recent publications.

The library bikes will ”make a pit stop” in front of the Helsinki Music Centre at the Plot Party on 14 June from 12noon to 6pm. The party tents will introduce the Central Library to city residents. There will be demos, e-library contents, interviews, party atmosphere, music and a programme of activities. The award- winning entries can be explored in the foyer of the Helsinki Music Centre between 12noon and 3pm.

That’s pretty good for a library that doesn’t even exist yet, don’t you think? Come and join us – the Central Library is airing its contents.

Two library bikes will remain at the Helsinki City Library for permanent use and can be spotted during the summer on the streets, at events and in urban fields.

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