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Élodie Dehon: How to get over the crisis of adopting too many roles in libraries?


Originally, libraries were a place for highly educated people. Then, as the literacy became more common, libraries became a place of knowledge and conservation. Now, the public libraries are becoming a mix of different visions : a place to work, a place of general and local information but also a place of fun with a variety of activities for different age groups : animations, exhibitions, plus managing projects: educational and cultural programs with schools, nursing home, nurseries, local associations, training technologies…

Public libraries have many tasks and in the same time budgets have been reduced (in some countries many libraries have even been closed). Moreover, statistically, public libraries reach about only 5–10% of the local people (Belgian chiffres). Accomplishing all their missions seems more and more difficult: how to choose between different activities, which of them is the most important ? Isn’t that too much for a one service? How could people have a clear vision about the library services with this kind of dispersion? How to communicate and reach the right public with each action?

Kind regard Élodie Dehon

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