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Lauri Holopainen: How to produce high quality manuals for customers concerning e-books and e-magazines?


My professional problem seems to be very pragmatical:  libraries offer different kind of e-book and e-magazine services but the manuals and instructions are often indigestible.  How can we produce better instructions (written and oral)?

Lauri Holopainen, Espoo City Library, Finland

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  1. Lauri Holopainen

    My homework 3B:

    As you all may know, Mr.Tuomas Lipponen and his team have produced a wonderful film
    “Gateway to the world”. The film enlightens, how the citizens of
    Windhoek have built their own library for themselves and how the library
    is now suitable for their own needs, for example studying. Now, is this not a wonderful
    example for us all?!

    My homework 3B is to solve how to encourage our own customers to think about and to utter their needs. What kind of library do the customers really want to build for themselves in their home

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