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David Brightbill: the changing role of libraries in communities


I work in research and development for an organization that provides automation and support to all the public college and university academic libraries in my state.    I have an interest in the changing role of libraries in communities.  I’m especially interested in libraries serving as education and incubator spaces for people making stuff.  Is it within the role of a library to provide public access to 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters and the like?  Does it make sense for a library to include or collocate with a community workshop, makerspace, hackerspace or fablab?  At one of the local universities, a library has moved almost all of the books to storage, replacing the shelves with collaborative workspaces, large computer monitors and whiteboards.  To me, this is sad but also a bit exciting.

Cheers, David (Website, Flickr, Blog)

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