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Ann-Christin Karlén Gramming: The importance of continuing education as a library and information professional


I have been thinking about the importance of continuing education for a while. Most professional organizations offer courses and another way is taking university courses or even getting a second degree. There are loads of available courses both online and physical. These course have the added benefit of university credits.

A third way is doing online e-courses via Udacity or Coursera or other MOOCs. While online colleges probably won’t replace in-person education it’s great way of combining work and studies. Last but not least, attending conferences AND unconferences like cyc4lib is also a way of exploring new issues and meeting colleagues. The  biggest benefit as I see it is personal and professional development. Another benefit is the opportunity of networking, with librarians as well as other professions. I would like to discuss how you approach organize your continuing education. Does your employer recognise your effort?

 See you in a week or so!

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Gothenburg Sweden



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