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Karen Holt: University Libraries and the Digital Humanities

Karen Holt

I’m interested in how university libraries and librarians are working with digital humanities projects. There are so many thought-provoking projects involving data, text, GIS, and visualization being developed on university campuses right now, and I think it’s a really exciting area for libraries to move into. I would like to be more involved in this work, so I’m curious about…..

  • What kind of infrastructure does your university and library provide for digital humanities work?
  • What types of digital humanities projects have you and/or your library been involved with?
  • How can libraries provide support for these projects?
  • How can we market our skills to faculty for these projects?
Karen Holt (Twitter)
Formerly of Northwestern University in Qatar and currently looking for a new position

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  1. Love this topic! I have been working on a DH taskforce at MPOW and would love to talk about this with you!

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