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Åke Nygren: What makes you motivated to go to work?

Åke Nygren, photo by Gitta Wilén
A couple of weeks ago, at IFLA Camp/Library Creative Laboratory in Kaliningrad, my collegue Ali and I gave a short talk on the subject of Motivation: “What makes you motivated to go to work?” Check it out here:
I’d like to continue the conversation around this topic:
  • How can we stay motivated when we face e.g. a societal crisis, a dysfunctional organization or lack of funding?
  • In hard times, how can we nourish our core values and re-discover our real driving forces?
Let’s gather good examples on how to deal with hard times in order to convert the obstacles into new exciting possibilites! Looking forward to seeing you all next week! 🙂
Åke Nygren (

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