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Artem Artemenka: Customer view

Artem Artemenka

The library was some sacred place where you could take a piece of knowledge in the form of paper book. Booming technologies make us face the challenge: innovate or die. Present library transformed into a hi-tech information provider, where all needed stuff is just one click away.What does future holds for paper books? Will they be left only for technofobes, should solid structures be replaced by virtual ones? Anyway, I guess people should at least have a choice.

Paper books lovers will always exist. And they might wish to meet their like-minded in the same “good old library” for sharing, discussions, debating … and socializing. As an opposite to hi-tech, can see libraries being transformed into sort of “communication centers” or “paper book fans houses” with tea parties, cake parties, whatever. One thing stays for sure: 21+ century libraries should be flexible enough to changing demands of their users.

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