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Merja Marjamäki: Position of a library in the evermoving tides of change

Merja MM

This year is the 150th anniversary year of Turku City Library – it is just the right time to think about our library  and libraries on the whole.  Turku City Library is the library for the region of Southwest Finland. We also form Vaski conglomerate with 17 other libraries. It means great co-operation and responsibilities. Turku Cultural Affair was unified and library started collaboration with Turku City Theatre, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra and city Museums. We co-operate a lot with schools. Later Turku Cultural Affairs merged with Sports and Outdoor Activities and Youth Services to form Leisure Affairs. To meet the challenges posed by these organizational changes we are continuously revising our plan of operation. And in the midst of these various reformations the main library is busy to serve 5000 daily customers!

To summarize: I’m interested in the position of a library in the ever-moving tides of change. I’m interested in library networks and all kind of co-operation. And the question about the manner of education we ought to have is valid.

Merja Marjamäki
Children and Youth services, Turku City Library

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