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Lara Greffet: How can we manage a network of 7 libraries in a city of 130 000 inhabitants?


My name is Lara and I am partially in charge of the collection development at the Lausanne Public Library, in Switzerland, which is actually a network of 7 libraries: one for adults, one for children, 4 neighborhood libraries, and a mobile library. There is a lack of coherence in the network and I really want to work on it. How can we manage this network?

At a strategic level: how can we create a spirit of network, or how to nurture strong relationships between these librairies? What about the relationships between the collections? How can we effectively create ties connecting the libraries and the neighborhoods? At a practical level: how can we organize the document circulation, from acquisition to the public?

Besides, I hope this “unconference” will be the perfect opportunity to share our experiences on the following subjects: strategy (mission, vision), management, collection management (tools, communication, space management), the services provided to customers, etc.


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