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Vesna Stricevic: Preservation of historical collections and new ethical dilemmas

Vesna Stricevic

I work in the City Library of Zagreb in the Serials deparment, mainly with old periodicals. For this occasion I would like to talk about ethical isssues that arise with changing positions of libraries and implementation of new technologies. As the community changes, the library need to reassess and adapt its collections to reflect new and differing areas of interest and concern. Although changes are necessary and inevitable, the purpose of libraries basically remains the same – libraries are repositories for humanity’s knowledge; they provide access to informations and preserve world’s heritage.

Through digitization and reformatting, we are able to retain valuable materials but this task implies new ethical dilemmas and difficult choices, especially for selection, storage, accessibility and preservation of original records on paper-based media. Do we consider enough the consequences of hastily made decisions with regard to global culture?

Vesna Stricevic

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