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Ināra Kindzule: New ideas to make digital resources more exciting

Inara Kindzule

My name is Ināra Kindzule, and I work as a chief librarian in the Transport Branch Library of the Riga Technical University Scientific Library.

I’m curious about new ideas, how to make digital resources, like journal data bases, e-books databases etc. more interesting, attractive and exciting for our university students. I’m also interested in new technologies in scientific libraries, how do they influence and change them. And the third issue is continuing education for librarians.

See you soon!

Ināra (Facebook)

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  1. Inàra je te souhaite de très fêtes de fin d’année /Users/philippeorgebin/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2013/29 juil. 13/P1010817.JPG

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