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Cycling for libraries in Kuldiga, Latvia — May 15th, 2014


Cycling for libraries in Kuldiga local tour 15 May, 2014

Theme: “Libraries building bridges” — Libraries building bridges between the people and organizations of the local community, between libraries and their readers in Latvia, and even in the world, etc.


Our cycling day started at 9:00 – participans registrated, received map with day schedule and cap. Then Kuldiga Main library director Laima Ostele express pleasure for everyone who decided to participate and generally informed about this event.
After that our local newspaper photographer take some photos for the newspaper and we started our trip.


First we visit Priedaines library where head of library Lasma Veigelte was prepared us surprize – warm-up exercizes under the guidance of a professional trainer. Then we went to the Vilgale library,where we also provided a rest break. After that – Snepeles library- head of library prepared to us a quiz. After Snepele, we went to Pelci, but on the way we visit farm Mazsalijas (nearby Snepele) to see fallow deers and wild boars. Our tour ended in Pelci, where we eat hot vegetable soup made by Edite – Pelcu cultural event organizer in Ice Cellar. Ice Cellar is a part of Pelci manor complex where library is situated. After that there was a professional guided tour of Pelci manor. Red brick-laid Art Noveau Style Manor-house was built in 1903-1904. Novadays there are Pelci Special Boarding School – Development Centre as well as Pelci library.

We are 18 participants from Kuldiga, Liepaja and Riga (Ilze Marga from Saulaino dienu library).
At the end we were tired, byr happy! Our tour was 45 km long.


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9:00 – 9:30 registration, instructions. Kuldiga main library; Speaker Kuldiga main library manager Laima Ostele;

9:30 – leaving Kuldiga Main library;

9:50 – Visit Priedaine library;

11:45 – Visit Vilgale library;

12:15 – lunchtime near Vilgale Lake;

12:45 – leaving Vilgale;

14:15 – Visit Snepele library;

15:30 – Visit Pelci library;

15:50 – Tour conclusion with evaluation of gains and large soup pot in Pleci Manor Park. Group photo/video

17:00 – Arrive back to Kuldiga

In a journey we will cycle, about 40 km visiting countryside public libraries of Kuldiga district and getting know their beauty and potential that they can give to the people of the local community.

During the trip, we will be building our common bridge by telling and showing participants the individuality of each library and the contribution it makes in this area.

More information

Sanita Tilgale
Direktora vietniece darbā ar pagastu bibliotēkām
Kuldīgas Galvenā bibliotēka
1905. gada iela 6

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