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Rejoignez-nous une journée !

Venez pédaler une journée pour soutenir le rôle des bibliothèques. Découvrez le programme, prenez votre vélo et votre pique-nique, et retrouvez-nous quand vous voulez! Nous vous fournirons un gilet jaune au logo de Cyclo-biblio. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour toute question.

Help us to finance the greatest campaign to support libraries ever imagined!

You can help to keep the ball rolling! This year the organizers of the Cycling for libraries have not been as successful in raising funds from donators as previous years. Despite of that, we decided to take a risk and to prepare the tour as we have done for three years now! Why? Because we thought it is of utmost importance to keep the ball rolling and not let the idea of the public advocacy work for libraries disappear!
We want to show the world that there are lots library people and library lovers who are ready to take a chance for saving one of the most precious public services— libraries!
Donating is a useful way to participate in Cycling for libraries library advocacy. Every cent is precious!

Cycling for libraries team & International Association for Library Advocacy

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