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Eeva Rita-Kasari: An oasis of silence or a public living-room


An oasis of silence or a public living-room? The conflicting needs of customers

I work in a small public library (ca 300 square metres) in Helsinki, Finland. The library space is recently renovated, with cozy furniture and colourful artwork. Since the renovation, there has been an enormous increase in library visits. Some of the visitors come in the library to study or read the newspapers, while others come to hang out or participate in various kinds of events. In other words, the small library space is often packed of customers with very different views of what a library should be. So my question is: how could we make everyone feel comfortable, whether they seek silence or a lively buzz? Could there be a compromise of some sort?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! A bientôt!

Best wishes,
Eeva Rita-Kasari

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