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Corina Ciuraru: Creating a network using the virtual space for librarians


Hi! My name is Corina Ciuraru, I am a librarian, head of Automation Department, who work for County Public Library Panait Istrati of Braila (, Romania (,27.946633,12z )

I have over fifteen years experience in libraries and information technology. Also, I am member of the Impact Group – librarians volunteers who work together for the Biblionet project sustainability (in Global Libraries Program).

The topic I’m interested in is creating a network using the virtual space for librarians from everywhere. This network should connect librarians for good-practice exchanges, experiences, partnerships, projects etc. It doesn’t matter how big the library is, I think that we can all learn from one another and that it’s important to communicate. I’d like to hear your opinion and your ideas on the way to make this come true.

FB :
Twitter: @impactlibrarian
Skype: corina.c.

Thank you and see you soon!

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