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Bo Jacobsen: How to alter the public image of a librarian


How to alter the public image of a librarian – from a dull person, handling old dusty books to a special personal guide in a complex world of knowledge and numerous choices

One hell of a way to alter our image of course is to do the C4L 🙂 But apart from that, librarians in fact do have many skills. We can recommend you a good book. We can find an address. We can show you, how your new smartphone works, and how to use e-books on your iPad. We order professional articles directly to your home, even though we do not understand one bit of the content. We bring you digital literacy.The author Neil Gaiman puts it this way: “Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one.”

Many of a librarian’s skills is unspoken. We do not have paper on them, we have not been taught it. That’s just how it is. We are curious, we are a little detective alike, we will not give up, until you have the answer, you came for. We have a good sense for what it is you really mean, when you ask for something, even when you do not realize what you really want.

So maybe a part of the problem is, that the Library Schools do not teach the things, we really need in the public libraries.

Last month we advertised a new job in my library ”Eventmaker and First Mover” We had 50+ applicants but only 4 educated libraians!


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