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Eva Simon: What nowadays should be included in the curriculum of a Library School


Dear cyclists,

My name is Eva Simon. I’m a teacher at the Library School of Ghent (Belgium). Specialties: cataloguing, databases, indexing, linked data, information retrieval, social media. I also work as a freelance consultant and coach for all kinds of libraries. In 2013 I’ve worked for six months in the public library of Marseille. This summer my trip goes from Brussels to Marseille to Montpellier to Lyon to Brussels. In Lyon I have a poster presentation around the Flemish Library Web Awards which I will organize for the 3rd time by the end of this year. I can tell you all about it during our tour.

The topic I would like to discuss is what nowadays ideally should be included in the curriculum of a Library School. What competencies are required in future librarians? Should the emphasis be on communicative skills? Pedagogical? Technical? Is a Library School degree still necessary? Could other degrees be sufficient, e.g. teaching degree, cultural worker, computer professional?

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