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Gaëlle Bourdon: the image of the library


Hello, I’m Gaëlle Bourdon. I’m working in a library in a village of 3500 persons, Gallardon, near Chartres.

My “problématique” is the image of the library. I like the idea of “third place library”, after home and work… Even if we change in the mind of our members, for the majority of the others we stay a library with just books and a place where they have to respect silence… I ask me and all of you how we could do to change that ! I search answers (but not too expensive too !) Maybe with very big, very original animation ? Maybe with a great campaign of communication ? Maybe with more and more opening hours ?

I really would like find something for everybody (almost ! ) come one time in the library. After they will come back if they want…

See you soon !!!


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