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Lauri Holopainen: Promoting and disseminating workshop activities in public libraries


Hello, my name is Lauri Holopainen. I´m interested in promoting and disseminating workshop activities in public libraries. My question / problem is How to do this? (Link: Sello library (Espoo, Finland) Worrkshop:

Workshops are new kind of Library activities in Finland. We have a few of them already. In Library workshops it is possible: 3D printing, laminating, sewing, stickers, ads, VHS, c-cassettes, LP and Super-8 film digitizing etc. Our customers have found these Workshops in our libraries and they use them a lot. But some important politicians consider that these Workshops are not essential in Libraries. In their thoughts libraries should maybe keep on going like ”in the old times”

Once again: It´s all about attitudes: most of the decision makers maybe think that It´s ok for Libraries to renew all things – but in a conservative way ! !!

How could we convince the librarians, the libraries, the politicians about the need of radical thinking and new kind of services? And how about our own staff? How radical / conservative we are in the libraries? If we really want to renew libraries and to think everything all over again, how can we show this in our daily life in the libraries?

See you all soon,

– Lauri

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