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Satu Kemppainen: How can we save the small, but vital, local branch libraries? How can we save the bookmobiles?


I asked this same question on my first Cyc4Lib-tour. Now I link the bookmobiles in this too. How can we save the services of bookmobiles? Is it possible to combine other services on those buses? For example post, bank? In countryside and built-up-areas don’t have any services near. And many people doesn’t have cars.

Council services, such as social and health care, education, child-care and culture/the arts, depend on the money available. In small towns there can be a main library and several branch libraries in different districts. People can come to a library to read newspapers and other publications, free of charge. People have access to computers, as many services are run online. The Library is a place to meet people and spend time and, of course, to borrow books, cds and films.

Many councils need to save money and one alternative is to shut down branch libraries. This is alarming as libraries offer services to the elderly, families and those who do not work. They will miss out on a place where they can get information and spend time for free. Not everyone has easy access to the main libraries that are often in the centre of town. How can we save the small, but vital, local branch libraries?

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