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Pascal Wagner: Advocacy for libraries


My name is Pascal Wagner. I work in a small-medium (1000 m²) library in Saint-Jean-de-Védas, a village close to Montpellier. I have been president of ABF (Association des Bibliothécaires de France) from january 2010 to january 2013.

The very simple reason which makes me cycle for libraries is my wish to promote advocacy for libraries. We know well that, despite of big evolution those last years, libraries still have in France a very nerdy and dusty image, which doesn’t – most of time – match with reality anymore. So we have to break this image and promote a new one. “Cycling for libraries” seems to me a very smart, funny, popular operation in this purpose.

In addition, I am quite fond of contacts with foreigners, and I’ll be proud to present my country, my region, my city, and the library I work in !

See you soon !


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